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  • soontostray soontostray Feb 20, 2014 10:05 PM Flag

    Who`s Fooling Who?

    The night before the duel press releases of June 26, last year, the market closed at $0.75. The press releases outlined relationships with Hanwha and Delphi. 769,600 shares traded the next day and after working through an intraday low of $0.36 the market finally closed at $0.56. Seven months have passed, 7 press releases, 2 conference calls, and a complete schuffle of the corporate management team have also passed. The pumpers have treated us to almost daily speculation of where the existing company relationships are going and even speculated on a few new potential relationships. They have filled us with wonderous praise about the new management and their accomplishments as well as the direction they are taking the company.

    Only one thing remains missing. A manufacturing contract and the revenue that comes with it. Zero manufacturing contracts and zero revenue reported to date Oh and did I forget the stock price? It`s now sitting at $0.30!! The market has NOT been impressed. Try as they will, their influence on this tiny microcosm of Yahoo finance has not extended to the broader market or to a few of us still here. I have a lot of company. The non-kool-ade drinkers have not bought the hype. Instead, they have driven the PPS down by another 40%.

    Those are the facts. Supported by information readily available on any financial website, in filed SEC documents, and the companies own web site. So, are we all screaming idiots? Are we all total frauds? Or just informed investors who took the time to look beyond the words ?

    Not A Stranger

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    • Our net loss for the three months ended December 31, 2013, was offset minimally by "other income" of $6,309 compared to "other income" in the corresponding period of the prior fiscal year of $48. The category of "other income" consists of interest income and amortization of license fees.

      Still have not sold jack squat, but put out more money in "consulting fees, interest expense, write downs, etc. Look at the reports ladies and gents.

    • You rant over and over on this message board for whatever reason, who cares really. When you point out a few keys in a bashers hand book you fit the guideline to a T. I'm not going to say you are 100% incorrect, your "TA" of the price last June is spot on, but you look for negatives in positive situation which is another chapter in the basher hand book. The CC was not spectacular by any means, but it was positive and there was high optimism from both CEO and CFO which was recently hired as well. They stated they had $250K and you are right 0 revenue, because they have that money saved and cannot consider it "revenue". The CEO stated the past 9-12 months was used to get a partner which they did; now that partnership will be ready to start producing by the end of Q1 (5 weeks from the CEO and they are on track). He stated with his owns words there will BE REVENUE in 2014 and they have set themselves up to be #1 for the tsunami of potential in this market. That is the CEO we are talking about not words I'm making up, perhaps you should of listened to the earnings call; 1st one ever and it will now be a regular event. They spoke several times about increasing shareholders value and how patient shareholders have been. Normally they never talk about the PPS for a stock during a CC (I'm talking about bigger companies), but for him to mention this he knows the pain some investors have been in for the past years. Again, I hope nobody trusts what you write and they do their own research. Just listen to the call, you cannot tell me he does not there will be REVENUE in 2014.

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      • Ha, ha. While you only spent the first two sentences talking about the bashers handbook, the whole rest of you post was right out of the pumpers handbook. Your kool-ade cup runneth over.

        "ready to start producing by the end of Q1" Ready? Really? Jasper has been "ready" for 7 years. Are you unaware that the manufacturer of the pellets needs a customer ready to use them, or they don`t make them. It`s called a supply chain and all the links have to be present. In today`s just-in-time manufacturing world, just-in-case inventory is an absolute no-no. Hanwha knows that. Jasper`s been proving it for 7 years. If Bathauer already knows a customer is in the bag, where is the press release? They would have to sign a licensing agreement even before a production contract. With this companies track record, you`ld think they`d be screeming that information from every hilltop. Guess we`ll see in 5 weeks, won`t we.

        Not A Stranger

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