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  • yahoo yahoo May 11, 2005 8:39 PM Flag

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    • Molecule35...thank you for your fine and timely
      posting concerning oil closing at 17.80 (May futures).

      This proves that the rally is intact and that after we
      broke thru the double top on 4/19, the stock momentum
      turned positive confirming the Bull Run of PKD to the
      next objective at 4.50, sometime this week.
      are no gaps to be filled left behind.

    • Today be thankful that the company name was not PKD.COM...!!!

    • mpany,
      that has gone
      through a lot of adversity,
      now that the tables are
      lets see how the high fly play the game,
      time to
      grow up with real value stocks,
      time to pay the

    • UMMMmmmmm.....lets see
      what the tea leaves
      say about today..?
      low volume
      higher low
      higher high
      Conclusion: no pull back
      we are going higher tomorrow.
      This baby is
      going to fly

    • May crude closes above 18.00 for the first time since Jan, 1998.
      Great news the rally is intact . go PKD....!

    • Know exactly how you feel, nowatakid. I have just
      about decided to get a newer, faster PC as it now takes
      forever to get around this and several other message
      boards dodging all the crap. It takes longer because I'm
      going back to the index after each post to skip the

      Steve, funny you should mention the gardening tips of
      last Spring. I was thinking about them just the other
      day when I was considering what few things we might
      plant this year. Tomatoes, peppers, and herbs are about
      it, I guess. Everything else requires to much tending
      or "sun." At least this year we don't have to worry
      about the mallards getting into whatever we

      Funniest thing, we haven't seen the allegator since he ran
      out of food. Know this is hard to believe, but here wife and I have "visited" the surviving mallards
      we put in a city park pond a half dozen times since
      we left them there last summer. I guess we had
      "imprinted" on them pretty well because they still swim up to
      us when ever we do. Yep, we are sure they are the
      ones and they are thriving or at least they were until
      about a month ago. Hmmm, must put another visit on the
      schedule to check on them real soon.

      Rex, I suppose
      you've taken the same tact on this thread as I have...I
      only check in once a day or so and avoid the flames.
      BTW, as you undoubtedly will recall, the first ground
      troops we sent to RVN were sent there to protect the
      airfields. Yep, Vietnam all over again in KOSOVO with the
      scuz 'n charge, I mean The President and
      Fonda/Turner's Clinton News Network pulling all the strings.
      Guess the only thing we learn from history is we don't
      learn from history. I may have already said that but
      it's probably worth repeating.


    • Boy, I don't know. No, I didn't pick up any more
      PKD on Monday.
      I still think that the whole sector
      if going to suffer a major
      set back here shortly.
      That's when I'll do it. At present, and
      everything I can read on the subject, the supply of crude
      has not diminished one iota. We are still awash in a
      sea of the
      black stuff. The other side of the
      coin is that if rotation continues, and we can get
      some more money into this sector, supply and demand
      will take a back seat to perception. At present, oil
      is up sharply and hovering around $17, and has
      symtom of looking sustainable. If that is the case, and
      this proves to be a long term and sustainable
      rally--then I have missed out on the first of the rally, and
      will be wishing I had
      bought on Monday. The only
      thing that I can say is that I wouldn't bank on 6
      months, but if you'll substitute that time period with
      one year, I would think that you will double your
      money with no problem--and that's buying at today's
      prices. Sooo,
      maybe I ought to take my own advice,
      right? Ha. Hell, who knows.
      T34 B

    • Great hearing from you again LC. I too am going
      back to the index
      after each post, but for other
      reason. The old Yahoo used to change color on the index
      posts, which showed you what you had
      already read.
      Now, you have to "click" on each individual post
      get it to change color.

      My feelings on the
      Kosovo thing haven't changed one bit. I strongly suspect
      that the only people who don't read the
      books are those who insist on making history. We've
      started down
      this thorn patch of War on an incremental
      basis-again- and all I
      can see is that our President is
      fast making his own Viet Nam.

      What do you
      think about Nowatakid's question on PKD? I put a pretty
      good slug of money into NE, some time back, and on a
      percentage basis, PKD has done better than NE. My little
      stash of
      PKD is now making me some pretty good
      money, which is such I change, that I don't really know
      how to react!!

      Tomatoes and peppers is about
      all I am going to mess with again
      myself. The wife
      has reached the stage in life where she wants
      go to the grocery store rather than can. Can't say I
      blame her.
      The garden will probably take a back seat
      to a lot of other things this year. T34 B

    • Abdullah asked Allah, "Is it possible for a small
      man to attain Paradise?" The Master replied, "The
      small man can be made to follow a path, but not to
      understand it. Therefore, he cannot attain

      Thus it is with those who attack me. Their dishonest
      souls will see the gates of Paradies, then the
      whirlwind sword of Allah will drive them into a lake of
      REDNECKS swimming in camel dung.

      Despite the fact
      that the race domino has been played my technickel
      analysis of a forecast of the sudden demise of the
      Peckerhead Drilling share price remains intack.FUCK ALL OF



    • Cainguy1>Just kind of curious as if you got
      out in time on ININ or did you get sucked into it's
      (death spiral)!After two days of trying I finally got
      took out at 17.I did pretty good on it but went
      through a shit load of cigs, coffee etc. while dropping
      my sell price!
      Kind of a treat to read a few
      posts on PKD again that dont deal with sticking
      somthing up someones ass.

      LC> Good to see you
      back again! Speaking of mallards, I see the spring
      migration in my neck of the woods is winding down. I've
      never seen so many snow geese in all my life as this
      I could'nt agree with you more on Kosovo, and Billy
      and his ship of fools. I think it's time the USA
      starts tending to our own problems and let the other
      so-called NATO allies handle that mess over there.Next
      thing you know Billy will be sending them cash so they
      can go shopping on the world market for there food,
      lumber, oil, steel, etc.Things are getting pretty bad
      over here when the kids cant even go to school any
      more without being gunned down. Makes me sick to even
      think about it.

      Go PKD!!!

      Later doglegs

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