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  • Bottom_Fishin Bottom_Fishin May 19, 1999 10:54 AM Flag

    Take a look at EEE news. EOM


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      and everything is absolutely free, no registering or anything

      api is american petroleum institute, maybe


      nabors tracks osx damn near perfect, aparently debt,
      mismanagement whatever drag down pkd, flc. how do you spell dog

    • Words to warm the heart of a 'Wore out Long' in a presently, 'Wore out Sector', who has been gittin' his ass tore off for about a year anna half now...Good job, its incouragin'.


    • good news Oil stocks fell 3.2 million

    • Cut them off for selling their camel dung below cost and hurting our workforce in the process.

    • *****************************************************************
      U.S. military fuel buying soars amid Yugolsavia

      By Richard Valdmanis

      NEW YORK, May 25
      (Reuters) - As NATO's bombing campaign against Yugoslavia
      enters its third month, U.S. military purchases of fuel
      for Europe has soared nearly threefold from last
      year's level, the Department of Defense said on Tuesday.

      The fighter sorties, as well as the need to replenish
      dwindling stocks, has pushed U.S. military purchases of jet
      fuel for Europe to 20.7 million barrels from the
      January 1 to May 25, up from 8.4 million barrels in the
      same period last year, the spokeswoman told Reuters.

      "The purchases are up significantly this year for
      Europe, partly to support our efforts in Allied Force,"
      said a spokeswoman for the Defense Department's fuel
      purchasing arm, the Defense Energy Support Center. "We're
      also trying to replenish our European inventories,
      which have dwindled in recent years."
      The dollar
      amount spent on jet fuel for the U.S. military in Europe
      also is sharply higher, but to a lesser degree than
      volume because of lower prices. It is not yet possible
      to compare actual spending totals, but based on
      benchmark New York jet fuel prices the DESC total would be
      $297 million dollars for jet bought so far this year,
      versus last year $174 million last year.
      warplanes, which include a major presence of U.S. fighters,
      are using an estimated 240,000 barrels per day --
      about five percent of world consumption -- for their
      bombing raids on Yugoslavia, according to an American
      Petroleum Institute report released last week.
      demand coming from the war effort is expected to
      increase in the short-term.
      U.S. Defense Secretary
      William Cohen said last week that the alliance was
      intensifying its air campaign to pressure Yugoslav President
      Slobodan Milosevic to acquiesce to NATO demands.
      has said bombing sorties over Yugoslavia will not
      stop until President Milosevic pulls Serbian forces
      from the embattled Kosovo province, allows ethnic
      Albanian refugees to return to their homes, and permits an
      armed Allied security force to oversee the
      Supplemental purchases of jet fuel by the
      U.S. Defense Department since the raids on Yugoslavia
      began in March have increased progressively, with the
      most recent U.S. tender, issued May 18, calling for
      nearly 200 million gallons of jet fuel to be delivered
      to military terminals in Italy, Greece, Britain,
      Belgium, and France between June and August, 1999.
      supplemental tender, one of a half dozen typically issued by
      the Defense Department every year, is more than 10
      times the typical amount, and will be awarded sometime
      next week, a DESC official said.
      supplemental tenders since the airwars began total 127 million
      gallons, or three million barrels, of fuel for jet
      fighters and Navy ships within the European theater.

      19:20 05-25-99

    • Nice API tonight .. crude -3.3; gas +0.7; dist
      Get ready to rock :o)

      Venezuela Warns
      Planned Complaint Isn't Welcomed

      Caracas, May 25
      (Bloomberg) -- Venezuela warned that oil supplies to the U.S.
      could be disrupted if the U.S. Commerce Department
      takes a planned complaint by a trade group seriously.

      The Independent Petroleum Association of America and
      other oil groups plan a complaint against Venezuela,
      Iraq, Mexico and Kuwait for allegedly dumping crude on
      the U.S. market.
      The group is expected to ask the
      Commerce Department to investigate whether foreign oil
      producers sought to decrease prices and unfairly drive down
      domestic production.
      ``If this proceeds before the
      Commerce Department, this could create disruptions'' in
      deliveries, said Energy and Mines Minister Ali Rodriguez
      during congressional testimony.
      Oil is Venezuela's
      chief export, and the country is one of the largest oil
      exporters to the U.S., which receives more than half of
      Venezuela's 2.72 million barrels a day output.
      The IPAA's
      members have joined with other oil groups, charging
      Venezuela and others have dumping crude in the U.S. to
      drive down domestic production. Oil producers argue
      that 50,000 oil workers have lost their jobs because
      of low oil prices in the past year as U.S.
      production fell 7.5 percent in the past year.
      price increases won't counter the dumping complaint
      because it applies only to prices for a year that began
      March 31, 1998.
      Fiscal Pressure
      access to the U.S. could cause additional budget
      troubles for Venezuela, which is already looking at an $8
      billion deficit this year. The U.S. is Venezuela's main
      market for oil, with more than 50 percent of its exports
      going there.
      Also, Venezuela is counting with
      windfall oil revenue this year to finance several
      ambitious social programs in education and health care,
      cornerstones of President Hugo Chavez's ``peaceful
      revolution'' government program.
      Rodriguez said Venezuela
      will take action to prevent the suit from going
      ``We are acting commercially and politically
      to stop this,'' said Rodriguez. ``We are not selling
      oil below cost, that's ridiculous.''
      After Saudi
      Arabia, Venezuela has the lowest oil production costs in
      the world, of about $1.5 a barrel, according to
      Energy and Mines Ministry figures.


    • Not only is the NYSE a business but,a good one at that. They took in $ 110 million in 1998 from selling quotes. Those pennies add up , don't they.

    • The index that is most indicative of PKD is the
      Philadelphia oil service index (OSX). I think the symbol Yahoo
      uses is ^osx.x
      It is composed of 15 oil drillers,
      mostly larger cap issues than Parker, but the issues
      trade roughly in line.
      Next time I run into the
      component list and weighting I'll post it.

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