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  • LCBard LCBard May 27, 1999 4:30 PM Flag


    EZ...All I could add is, "AMEN." My biggest
    concern is not with Clinton, anyone with half a brain and
    an ounce of patriotism knows what he is, it's with
    what appears to be the majority of the people of these
    United States and, as you so aptly pointed out, their
    elected leaders.

    T34B...Everytime I read one of
    your posts on one of these subjects, it takes me back
    to the early 1960's. Everybody sitting around at
    days end, not knowing their from a hole in the ground,
    asking questions about why we are there, no one having
    any answers that made sense, telling each other lies
    and jokes, hearing wild stories, saying 'sorry bout
    that, drinking good PX booze, and grinning a lot.

    On the way, wait!

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