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  • KhalidRKahn KhalidRKahn Jun 1, 1999 2:08 PM Flag

    Visit the Prudent Investor website

    Last Friday I issued a 'sell' on PKD, FLC, and
    other OSS stocks. Once again, my timing was far better
    than that of the average PKD redneck.

    prudent investor would have liquidated his/her position
    in this sector last week.

    If you wan't to be

    The Prudent Investor site has the best analysis and
    insight I am capable of. Red-Ant, go eat some Amdro, I'll
    post wherever I want.

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    • The pedofile investor?

      Granted PKD is a
      piece of fucking shit stock. I hate it.
      But when
      some fucking rag-dot head writes

      <<If you wan't to be enlighted:>>

      the fuck does "wan't" mean???? English as a fourth
      Fuck me and America for letting them in.

    • I hope to grow up to be such a sucessful market timer such as yourself.

      Keep braggin' and keep timing....

      Wall Street teaches hard lessons...


      • 1 Reply to steveib2u
      • Little Johnny is sitting on a street
        On his right side he has a 10 gallon pail of chichen
        On his left side he has a 10 gallon bucket of
        In the middle of his legs he has a 20 gallon
        container that he is taking equal portions of water and
        chicken shit out of the other buckets and mixing
        Along comes Billary Clinton, spies little Johnny and
        askes,"What are you doing there boy?"
        Little Johnny
        replies, "I stirring up some chicken shit and water."

        "Well, what are you making?" asked the
        "I'm making the president of the United
        This greatly perturbed the president, but he thougth
        to himself, 'Well, he ain't nothing but an eight
        year old, and there ain't no way in hell that he can
        hurt me politically and I'm still going to get all the
        BJ's from those interns anyway.' so the president
        walked on.
        Next came Slobby Dan Milosevic, spied
        Little Johnny in his endeavors and asked, "What you do
        there boy?."
        Johnny said, "Stirring up some chicken
        shit and water."
        "What you make, boy?" asked Sobby
        "I'm making a third world leader!", which greatly
        pissed off Mr. Slobby Dan, but he thought to
        himself,'This little boy is not going to ruin my day,' so
        Slobby Dan walked on.
        All this time, Mr. Mewag 28 or
        82 or what ever the hell, was watching from across
        the street. He realised that all that little Johnny
        was doing was trying to piss people off, and that he
        was getting away with it because of his age. Mewag
        thought to himself, 'I'll just go over there and teach
        that little S.O.B. a lesson!'
        Mewag ambered over to
        Little Johnny's street corner and asked, "What are you
        doing there son?"
        "Mixing up some chicken shit and
        water sir!"
        "What are you making?" Mewag next
        "Nothing sir!" Johnny replied.
        Well, that reply
        infuritated Mewag, so he said to Johnny, "I've been watching
        you for some time now and I happen to know that when
        the President of the United Stated came by and asked
        you what you were making, you told him that you were
        making the president of the United States, and when the
        great Slobby Dan Miloservic came by and asked you what
        you were making, you told him that you were making a
        leader of a third world country! Now tell me the truth
        boy, your making a Mewag aren't you!"
        To which
        Little Johnny repied, "NO SIR!... I DON'T HAVE ENOUGH
        CHICKEN SHIT!!!!
        And that my friends

    • I thought the site was run by professionals.
      Instead it is a club/chat room with you as the head
      honcho and no different than here on the YAHOO board
      where we all can exchange ideas/comments. Nice promo

    • Hell I dont remember ,I was too busy with that whore of Gus's to care......... Blueduck...
      is that Mississippi or La.?

    • Anything that I can do to help from
      The attachment was a GIF(I believe) file and some
      people using a WEB T.V. can't open them.
      I've had
      problems in the past with my Packard Bell. Phone Modem and
      internal battery went tango uniform and I contacted a
      virus(Monkey Blood 2) at the same time. Liked to drove me
      batty/battier before I found out what the problems

    • I went to school at Kelton and the Hunters went
      to school at Wheeler so I didn't know them all that
      well. I played little league baseball on a team with
      Mendall and Villard many moons ago, but haven't seen much
      of them since.
      Parker was one of the first
      drilling companies I remember drilling this area in the
      60's and 70's. It seems like I remember there was a
      Parker Drilling Co and a Parker Brothers drilling
      company operating at the same time around here. As I
      remember it, someone told me Parker rigs were top-notch,
      but Parker Bros were junk. Of course, that's
      remembering a conversation I had 25 years ago and I may have
      forgotten or added a thing or two in the remembrance.

    • Bridgehat, good speeches
      thanks for the link!
      Hope things get worked out soon in this arena.
      Looks very promising.

    • Drilling in the Caspian Sea

      Drilling is
      expected to begin shortly at the Kashagan field
      in the northern Caspian Sea. The investment in the
      is estimated to exceed $600 million, possibly the
      investment in a single well since Sohio drilled a duster in
      Beaufort Sea in the early '80's.

      The drilling,
      about a year behind schedule, will be conducted by
      consortium of nine major oil companies operating under the
      of The Offshore Kazakhstan International
      Company (OKIOC).

      There is evidence suggesting the
      Kashagan field is one of the
      world's last great
      undiscovered oilfields.

      The Kashagan structure, below
      the shallow waters of the remote
      northern Caspian
      Sea, is three times the size of the nearby
      field. That field, operated by Chevron, is the largest
      reservoir discovered in the past 25 years and contains
      about 6
      billion barrels of recoverable

      Although the evidence for a huge discovery is strong,
      there is
      still only a one in five chance of a
      discovery. But development
      plans are already being worked
      on by a 40-strong team from the

      If Kashagan's reserves prove as large as geologists
      suspect, it
      could support the construction of a major
      export pipeline which
      would spur more drilling in the
      region. Positive results could
      also be a windfall for
      Parker Drilling (PKD) who is drilling the
      unique well
      with a one-of-a-kind barge it has moved from
      through the Volga River and stationed in the shallow
      water of the
      Northern Caspian Sea. Parker, known for
      its remote location
      drilling, is the dominant
      drilling contractor in the Caspian

      It may
      not be a bad idea to tuck away a few Parker shares as
      history-making well starts turning

    • Not ignoring posts. Keybd screwed up. May quit functioning anytime. Azi, can't open your attachment. Didn't plant anything this year. Lurking and trying to fix PC.

    • Yeah, it was sorta an Army Scout. (He couldn't
      hold feathers against the ones I knew though!) Seems
      like his charactor name was Dixon. Mayby Blue Duck
      will run by and refreash our

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