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  • The_Son_Of_Clubber_Lang The_Son_Of_Clubber_Lang Jun 9, 1999 6:53 PM Flag

    Best Wishes Brother, do what a Lang

    would do on his birthday. Get two of those asian
    massage girls and have a blast. And buy more gold for
    around your neck!
    Or come on down to Jersey. That
    flood of refugees is starting to wear alittle thin and
    them girls will be turning tricks for ten bucks before
    the summer is out. The Fort Dix Brothel.

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    • So are you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Buy a stock or two. Ten others in the sector go up, my two will go down. Life tries to stick it up my ass. What can I say, God hates me. Hate him back, it works for me.

    • you are such a happy go lucky personality.makes me yurn for don rickles.

    • Thursday night we were about to take KSWS off the
      list as they ran up great for us then fell off hard.
      But now it appears like they are turning back up
      again so lets keep an eye on them and see if they can
      recover. We would like to add the other big name cruise
      line RCL to the service list today. They have been
      moving very well and although CCL has been bumping up
      against resistance for quite a while we think they could
      bust through it this week. Both cruise lines should
      gain well on the ceasefire in Kosovo which had wrecked
      havoc with their business in the area. We still like
      TYC, and BAANF longer term.

      This is where I�m
      at: YHOO@179 on 4/1, sold on 4/5@219. SFE@68.5 on
      4/1, sold on 4/13@115. RNWK@68.31 on 4/1, sold on
      4/12@123.5, CMGI@187.7 on 4/1, sold on 4/12@302.


    • PKD is SHIT !

    • Thanks for the info. Would love to hear what
      NBR's offers were!
      I am of the opionion that some of
      these folks would love for anybody to buy out PKD at
      any price. If my certificates represent no more value
      than what I am to assume NBR's "firesale"
      represent, then I'd just as soon use them as toilet
      T34 B

    • Sunday June 13, 9:52 pm Eastern

      Venezuela oil union withdraws strike threat

      June 13 (Reuters) - Venezuela's main oil workers union
      late on Sunday
      called off a nationwide strike
      planned for Monday after the government announced
      last-minute pay offer for oil sector workers.

      will be no strike,'' Carlos Ortega, head of
      Venezuela's largest oil union, told
      Reuters by telephone.
      ''We're pleased but not satisfied,'' he said after Energy
      Mines Minister Ali Rodriguez said state oil company
      Petroleos de Venezuela (PDVSA)
      would award workers a
      merit pay increase of between three and six

      The threat of an oil strike in the world's third
      largest oil exporter had contributed to a
      firming of prices despite the fact that PDVSA had said it
      could maintain its output
      at the current level of
      2.7 million barrels per day for at least seven days
      if the walkout
      went ahead.

      announced the strike last week after PDVSA said it would
      not award a regular
      salary rise for merit this
      year due to budget constraints. Talks to resolve the
      seemed to have broken down earlier on Sunday when PDVSA
      negotiators failed to
      show up for a planned meeting with
      union officials.

      But after a late night meeting
      with President Hugo Chavez in Miraflores
      palace, Rodriguez made the surprise announcement of a
      merit increase, albeit smaller
      than last year's
      average rise of eight percent.

      absolutely no reason for a strike in the Venezuelan oil
      sector where salaries
      are significantly higher than
      for other Venezuelan workers,'' Rodriguez said. He
      that the decision to grant the merit rise had been
      taken by the government as the sole
      shareholder in

    • Saw_This_Quote_Now_Killer_Angina Saw_This_Quote_Now_Killer_Angina Jun 14, 1999 11:06 AM Flag


    • Toss_n_Turn_After_Seeing_Quote Toss_n_Turn_After_Seeing_Quote Jun 14, 1999 10:30 AM Flag

      Bye bye Nabors! Thanks for the offer.

    • NBR pushed a paper in front of them Parker boys and they wouldn't sign???? I'll get some chumps down there to make them see the light into laying some ink on that paper.

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