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  • PKD_stooge PKD_stooge Jun 10, 1999 6:57 PM Flag

    I am stunned at the depths this thread

    has sunk to. Why, once upon a time, the likes of
    EZGreen, Kollmnh, the Fabulous Kahn Brothers,
    Short_Buster2, BubbaKing, Jed Clampett, and PKD_stooge waxed
    eloquent about the doings in the oil patch. The best place
    to find out the latest location of a PKD rig or the
    latest gossip about whether fornication was occurring at
    PKD could be found on this thread. How I miss the
    good old days. Now, we have the shit-shoveling
    mewag28, who only likes oil with his more well-endowed boy
    friends, Clubber_Lang, who is too stupid to actually own
    stocks, and the eternal endless mindless blathering
    LCBard (LC is so old and senile he truly is an example
    of the cliche: forgotten but not gone). This
    profanity has got to stop. There are women and children
    posssibly reading this thread. I personally am going to
    leave this thread and go to Silicon Investor if
    everyone doesn't straighten up and fly right.


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    • And with PKD, it may be looming. However, I think
      it's way too
      early, and I don't believe it. Nature
      of the beast, that rumors
      run rampant.

      of the prognostications that I've made-and believe
      in: If PKD goes under (No matter the fashion) it will
      be a dramatic and
      dire symptom of the state of
      affairs in the patch. The ultimate
      consequence will be
      the consumer taking it on the chin, again, in
      hundred different ways. Another prognostication: should
      many of
      PKD's ilk not survive, get ready for
      Clinton-Gore or their replacements to strongly consider
      nationalization of the US Oil
      industry. That urge has been
      with our strong central govt. for some time now. Oh
      what a happy day for the Mefags of this world.

      For now, and the immediate future: things are bound
      to get better
      for PKD, as I don't see how in the
      world they can get much worse.
      But Bankruptcy now?
      NO WAY!!! T34 B

    • Just back from extended fishing trip. Been scooping in some of the bottom feeders. Mefag escaped again. Brain of a piss ant, and mouth like a fog horn. T34 B

    • rumors are flying around T-town. Had a corporate
      headhunter advise a friend this week not to consider
      applying at PKD because "they won't be around much
      Anyone heard anything more substantial?

    • I do not agree...

      Don’t get hurt by listening to HYPE. Keep it simple with the technicians, check out

    • I sure miss his posting though. I guess in his
      place we get that fucking idiot mefag. Mefag is a
      stange guy, used to always boast about how smart he was
      but he's never said anything intelligent. I talked to
      his boyfriend Leroy today. Leroy said he had mefag
      squealing like a pig last night. The neighbors thought a
      car alarm had gone off. That's the way it is in San

    • with the deepwater wells. And the way they are pumping to the platforms this will never work. The big money and big deepwater wells will overcome any problems elsewhere.

    • Amen....Bridgehat. drilling companies should now
      start to merge with each other form 2-3 big companies
      form a cartel like the Majors did (OPEC) and then lets
      watch them squirm a little, and drill their wells the
      old fashion way by hand.

    • You're right! Operators must start spending budget money before drillers see any positive impact on the bottom line!

    • Given the debt load and concern about liquidity,
      what is PDC to do? They need a market for their rigs
      and services. Given that, things should fall into
      place to begin generating value to the shareholder.

    • it would not matter much if Parker or any other
      drillers were run by fucking geniuses, of which none
      probably are anyway. Shell alones E&P budget for this year
      is 3.6 billion compared to 6.3 billion in 1998. What
      are all the other "Big Dogs" budgets? Take the
      difference of 6.3b and 3.6b and divide that by averaged
      dayrates and see how many rigs that takes out of service.
      This is only one company. Big oil companies love this
      kind of shit and they have been screwing every and any
      joe that dares to get in their way since their
      inception. Look at the stock prices of all these big oil
      companies -- have they suffered because of depressed crude
      prices? Not a bit, they have prospered greatly. Funny how
      it doesn't seem to matter if crude is $12 or $18 a
      barrel the price at the pump fluctuates little and
      usually it is to the upside. Unfortunately, the current
      situation has all drillers by the balls. Currently "life in
      the food chain" for drillers is extremely difficult,
      and only the strong will survive. Continued adherence
      by OPEC is imperative for market corrections to come
      to fruition. In the meantime big oil is enjoying the
      opportunity to continually drive dayrates lower and lower and
      escape prior contractual agreements. With five or six
      new deepwater drillships coming on-line sometime
      around August it will give them the chance to screw
      drillers even harder and deeper. My old man always said he
      was a firm believer in the old cliche' "what comes
      around goes around". I hope that in time this will hold
      true and that once again drillers will have a better
      hand of cards. Patience, I guess will help. IMHO

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