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  • ezgreen ezgreen Jun 16, 1999 4:26 PM Flag

    Food for Thought

    If Japan and the Asian economies are starting to
    turn the corner then what is to prevent "Oil
    Production" demands (Refining,Transporting, & drilling) from
    increasing? Will PKD be left out in the cold, while the
    others prosper? Don't forget PKD is not just a driller,
    it has other related services that will be in demand
    as things pick up. It took PKD from the high of
    Oct97 to the low of March99 to end its downtrend. That
    is about 1 1/2 years. We are only about 2 1/2 months
    into a sideways trading channel and don't really know
    when the trend to the upside will begin. Keep in mind
    that stocks generally fall faster than they rise. So
    for the impatient, how long is one willing to wait?
    Just waiting and watching and holding what I have.
    Good luck to all.

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    • Would YOU spend a nickel to call PKD to hear the corporate line?
      Don't think so.
      They've a long way to go before their ship refloats.

    • Kollmnh...regret your negative post, is a shame, Cuz999 did more than you did at least he spend a nickel calling while you sat on your fat ass.

    • Cuz I'm in trouble the stock wont come down to
      3.00 a share, may have to sacrifice a few chickens, to
      get it done...LOL
      some times the "W" patterns are
      not quite symetrical, and this may be the case, with
      the second leg shorter than the first one.
      At any
      rate good luck trading today...LOL

    • Stay out there and make hay while the sun
      shines.Cause at midnite 2000 all the grass in the country is
      supposed to die. Yep part of that y2k stuff,the good news
      is that all the cattle will turn carnivorous.
      was right it looks like!PKD up 1/8 today on its way
      too that big 79! More good news is that cliftons gun
      bill didnt pass. I e-mailed half a dozen congressmen
      and senators yesterday stating my opinion of that BS.
      (pour some more, granny!!)eye'll keep an eye out for
      the kid...

    • beyawnd reproach. I feil compeled by my religus
      upbringeng to report yu to the lokul authoritees, naimly
      Yahoo. If u continu to castigait uther posters I will
      deffinitly contackt ur benefacter and menter LCdraB. He will
      not like the fack that his pal blu dukk is a
      miscreant. I wuz just arouzed from a weeklong slumberr and
      was rudely confrunted with ur vulgaritees. U shud
      remembir the werds of Confucius, "If u no whut is correckt
      and feil to du it it shews a lak of currage."

    • Doggone Jim, did you find Granny's Receipe too? A
      whole bunch of
      these drillers are a sloshin around
      sideways right now. I'm spending all my energy a blowin on
      NE right now. Trying to get some wind in their
      sails. It's a languishing just like good old PKD.
      Hopefully, this Streaking Star, or whatever, is a real
      indicator. Until I see the money however, gonna have to stay
      the side lines. T34 B

      Ps-Got another good day
      in the hay field, and I'll be getting in
      CPQ, maybe tomorrow night.

    • Did you expect PKD investor relations to tell you
      that PKD would NOT survive? They said 'dayrates are
      picking up a bit'.........meaning a $100 a day? 'They are
      getting rig INQUIRES'? But, no contracts?

      Did they
      tell you how many rigs are still NOT working? Or how
      low dayrates continue to be? Or how long it might be
      before they are PROFITABLE again?

      No.. I don't
      think they offered that information, did they??

    • Well done!!! and more believable than your garden
      variety TA..
      $79!! why didnt you post earlier so i
      dont have to wait at my brokers door tomorrow morning
      to buy all i can get?! The whole farm is out on this
      one! thanks and agra be with ya dude.

    • PKD investor relations told me that PKD would
      survive and thrive at the current price of oil. They said
      land rig dayrates were starting to pick up a bit and
      they are very encouraged by the inquiries that are
      starting to come in about rig availability.

      I agree
      with Manboking....buying PKD around 3ish is a
      no-brainer. Locally the drillers are starting to pick up work
      and PKD should be no different.

      See ya at 6
      manboking. :o)

    • I doubt L C Bard needs to stoop to your levels of stupidiy to cause one like youself any grief.
      I feel sure you use enough other akas to create your brand of bullshit on this and other boards.

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