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  • KhalidRKahn KhalidRKahn Jun 17, 1999 8:22 PM Flag

    Food for Thought

    The Following is Advanced Technical Analysis (and
    No Place for Wimps): PKD and its inferior satelite
    stocks, NBR and PTEN, are in the process of forming a
    large multi-stage base. There have been a couple of
    notable false breakouts over the past 30 days, but a
    classic transitional streaking star formed on June 1.
    After the streaking star pattern, the stock broke above
    the Franz-Kuhn trendline at 3.25. This is a rare
    event and, when combined with the Khan-Mobius
    Prognosticator, a certain precursor of booming profits and
    unlimited upside. The stock has broken a trend line
    extending down from January 1999 and another longer one
    extending down from July 1998. There is nothing but clear
    sailing from here and I anticipate PKD will leapfrog NBR
    on its way to $79



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