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  • fcgrant99 fcgrant99 Sep 1, 1999 12:40 AM Flag

    Money flow???

    I hear Bloomberg reporters talking about "money flow", positive and negative. Are there any PKD stock holders out there that have any insights into PKD's money flow and the future of this stock?

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    • Check the PKD webpage at
      Updates on Rig #257 (Caspian) and Rig #75

      Also, check recent issues of Oil & Gas Journal for
      articles on both rigs.

      Rig #257 supposedly
      scheduled to spud first well any day now. Rig #75 WOL.
      Tentative spud date = September 15 - October 1.

      this helps!

    • Yea, you're probably right. Sorry bout that, I had just uncharastically unloaded on some jerk and was still psyched up. I've got a clean diaper on now...Cheers, L.C.

    • Three months sooner than expected. This article

      ``With no schedule for another quota review before March
      2000, they run a danger of creating an unsustainable
      shortage before the year-end,'' said Standard Bank of

    • Ezgreen, using my little basket of stocks as a
      platform, thought I would continue the comparison with
      crude price and OSX stock price. Today�s close rendered
      the following:

      Of 10 contractors on my screen,
      7 were up, 2 down, and one unchanged. UTI had the
      biggest rise @+5.16%. DO the least rise @

      PKD down 1.35% and RIG down .94%


      Crude Oil- 22.00 +.51
      Brent -
      21.03 +.23
      Nat Gas - 2.56 +.09

      observation: Crude price made a fairly dramatic recovery,
      today. In general, OSX recovered also, but not in as
      dramatic a fashion as Crude Price. In addition, it appears
      that the �Majors� and the �Big Indy�s� had a broader
      recovery than the OSX. But, everything considered, it
      appears that OSX pretty well followed
      Crude price, so
      it�s still � The Price of Crude, Stupid�. At least
      that�s my take on the situation before leaving for a
      weekend of fishing. Recommend fishing, highly, to all
      those in the doldrums of the stock market. T34 B

    • at Bloomberg - commodities -

      Basically, the article says that OPEC compliance is good.
      Oil is at $22.00 a barrel it looked like. There was a
      rumor on the FLC board of a takeover at $25. I think
      it's bull but FLC has gone up the last 3 days, when
      most other companies I follow have gone sideways. In
      addition, go to a website like Baker-Hughes or WTRG that
      has the rig count. For the last time period the
      increase in drilling was at a much greater rate. I mean,
      the slope of the increasing trend was steeper.

    • Many people have in fact mentioned KEG on this
      thread. In addition, PKD and KEG share many qualities:
      for example

      1. low share price relative to
      other oil service cos.

      2. a lot of

      3. potentially huge returns if the drilling
      continues to increase

      Your statement "Nobody cares
      about a comparison of PKD and KEG" is absurd since half
      the discussion on this board is about other oil
      service cos - UNT, NBR, GW, PDE as well as numerous
      others. You seem happy to complain if a message is
      off-topic as well as if it's on-topic. Does your diaper
      need changing?

    • IMO what difference does it make how UNT raises
      the money to pay PKD? as long as they pay them.
      Diluted shares or not it's still a million shares.
      Whatever they do,I, like your self suspect PKD knew it
      ahead of time.
      Whats the deal about PKD caring
      about their employees? I didn't know that it was an
      issue?, Other then in the limited "minds" of some of the
      less informed and stupid that drift in and out of this
      board with nothing else better to do with their
      worthless lives then insult others while hiding behind
      their akas.
      60+ years in the business should be
      prove of their credibility and integrity.
      Hell, Rex
      is proof enough!<gg>
      Thanks for your reply
      LC and keep dry.
      BTW,You don't have to reveal it
      on the board if you prefer not to but arn't you in
      Also FWIW I condone heartily your defense of
      PKD.I was raised in Tulsa and worked for a company that
      did business with PKD back in the middle 70's, I
      found them to be a well respected and honest outfit
      that was second to none in the drilling or any other
      business.I like them.and have faith in them. And if some of
      you out there don't like that: tough shit. Have a
      the kid...

    • Link:

      This is of Monday, Aug. 30th


      The Wizard

    • the current status of PKD's Caspian Sea
      adventure? Bally-hooed as the beginning of a new era in
      exploration to be "closely monitored by the entire oil
      industry." I have not heard anything about this operation
      since their announcement on July 07, 1999 stating that
      Rig 257 had set sail for the Northeast Caspian. Hell,
      the Russian mob may have already absconded the rig,
      sold it to the Iraqis or Libyans and laundered the
      proceeds through Chase Manhattan and are presently
      vacationing in Miami with some beautiful Cuban women. Tulsa
      may be completely unaware of this turn of events as
      the crew of Rig 257 may also be in Miami with the
      "boys." But seriously folks any news?

    • VL has 3-5 year projected growth of 75% from
      $4.87. ='s $8.52

      Now how much help is that? I
      can't believe the Parkers will settle for that nor
      should we.

      When this oil patch gets going IMO
      pee kay dee will take off and that is going to happen
      sooner than later once all the feces hit the fan in the
      OPEC sector. Look for demand to escalate and take
      prices up and then shortage in rigs and equipment will
      enable pkd to put premium on. What the hell do I know?
      Nothing. But VL and the other purveyors of BS know less.
      The on the ground intelligence from posters here who
      are reporting on patch activity is more reliable.
      Keep watching for titbids from them and act
      accordingly to stay ahead of the curve on patch

      With Cheney(HAL) and others fortunes pegged to
      performance the patch will treat us well in next 6 months,

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