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  • ebbottc ebbottc Aug 31, 2012 10:18 AM Flag

    insiders have large amount of shares

    I like insiders having shares, that usually means they are working to get that stock price up (considering most have to wait a good portion of time before selling given shares)

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    • I like them having shares too; but did you see where C. Rice sold at the high of 13.22 or so, taking a sweet 86K? They all took profits and hers was at the very highest, so her broker must have HER on speed-dial. Problem: then, after they take profits where some of us bought (around $8.67) and turn around and GIVE THEMSELVES 20,000 shares again, well, it seems unfair to the little guy, since we can not know when Directors will do this. Same thing happened with Big Lots. SEC even looked into them. I wish I could issue myself and 8 others 160k worth of shares! I can't afford more, but am telling others BUY. Myself...I have to hold.

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