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  • ozigo70 ozigo70 Sep 13, 2013 9:01 AM Flag

    Reading the Tea Leaves

    Does anyone find it strange that with everything swirling around regarding the Company that it appears to be business as usual regarding presenting at yet another investor conference. Does make me wonder if they have arranged for some financing, if not, running off to present the same set of slides yet again seems like a waste of precious time.

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    • The sounds of silence! Wasn't there a song by that name? Apparently company management is a big fan because they have the lack of communication down to a fine art. As the investor conference presentation has come and gone, I'm thinking it was underwhelming at best and certainly contained nothing newsworthy as it would have had to be preceeded by a PR if otherwise. My guess is nothing more than the same set of slides they have used for two years. Sad.

    • I've been wrong so many times about this stock I hesitate to say anything. But I agree with you, seems like there is no expectation of running out of money. Perhaps Vinod has put some funding guarantees in place. Or perhaps we are in a "no news" period because some kind of deal is being worked out. Funding deals take time to iron out.

      regardless we are owed some news on production.

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      • i assume the corp office is in its element when it comes to talking. my concern is more about what is actually happening in columbus. it seems there is just no way to get info if the plant is operating cant even tell if the stacks of logs that were thought to be a part of the operation are actually part of some outher company. there has to be some way to verify the very little info we are being given. may buy more at 1.45

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