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  • insideinvestor00 insideinvestor00 Apr 8, 2014 2:02 PM Flag


    ....having the option of not having to release certain info about comapny (once on the pink sheets) is not a good thing for shareholder....Or maybe a Reverse Split could be the company's best option where your 1,000 and 5,000 shares become 100 and 500 hundred share overnight. You fear should be waking up with a Big lose of value. I'm just stating facts...not trying shake anyone off as I am not in this POS and would be afraid to wake up Bad News!! Read the company statement from March: even if they get financing, which they did, there is not Guarantee of continued Business after Q3 of 2014! Humm nothing I'd put my money into for sure...Good luck to All!

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    • Yeah, it looks like they have no other choices to maintain NASDAQ compliance. That will suck for sure.

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    • Yeah, it looks like they have no other choices to maintain NASDAQ compliance. That will suck for sure.

      Sentiment: Hold

    • Boy not to have a vested interest in this company you sure are all up in its business posting the same blasted silly statement over and over and over again - the financials of this company don't look great because they are still in the proving stage - but yet billionaires keep on putting millions and millions into the company - I think those billionaires are a little bit smarter than you when it comes to cellulosic catalytic cracking and they don't wake up every morning to wonder if there investment will be pink sheet listed - they get up and say today if not sooner or later will be the day this process becomes profitable and walla then you have one of the most profitable companies in America - why else would you have millions and millions being invested with talk of other investment groups coming back onboard - technologies like this are not usually profitable to start with man and I think your logic behind what you are saying and thinking is totally wrong - the smart thing to do here would be to invest 2 thousand bucks at 60 cent a share in hopes that you can within a year sell it to 5 bucks a share and or within 5 years sell it for 20 bucks a share and get a several hundred to thousand percent return on your investment - this company will pull its self out of this situation and its stock price will recover - you are just a silly pessimistic person who doesn't know anything about how anything works.