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  • conservativedude63 conservativedude63 Sep 27, 2009 11:28 AM Flag

    Talent on loan from GOD

    Hello again friends.
    William, Mr. Bennyman and many others on this board of non-believers.How are you on this the Lord's day, Sunday?
    You know i'm sure your love for me is trickling with abundant admiration for my few posts on here(he he)
    Now i must disclose what else i also am.
    I am not only a true capatlist conservative at heart, i am (hold on to something stable here)
    a Catholic! Oh God,and a huge fan of course of Ronald Wilson Reagan too!
    Now i'm sure the rage and hatred you feel for me at this moment is quite substantial...but have no fear cause you have been taught to be open minded to others views right? (lol)
    Good day!

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    • Dear Rob Hall,

      For Rome read America 12% unemployed and rising up to 100% in some areas.

      Baseball and Football stadiums everywhere marching bands cheerleaders girl marching etc.

      A true capitalist society where to eat properly requires two bottom end jobs.

      Not enough bottom end jobs to go round.

      It is about time you armed the gladiators and burnt the Christians.

      You likewise can bugger off and stop wasting my time on drivel.



    • Dear Talent. We will fight the good fight together Brother.

    • You liberal secular progressives crack me up. You would rather the masses wallow in their poverty in an endless cycle of despair owing to government their very existence. The Romans kept the masses happy with barbaric displays in the coliseums throughout the empire. Without individual accomplishments and acheivements you have a pathetic existence. You claim to be for the downtrodden but the truth is you wish to keep them in that pathetic way clinging to the nanny state. You make me ill.

    • Let's look at whose who.
      Who is and was a democrat;
      Robert KKK Byrd, Al Gore Sr. (a few of many racists)
      Oh, RFK was so pro MLK that he and JFK wire tapped MLK to make sure what he was up to. (paraniod) why??
      Clinton, ied to a US court.
      Louis Farakan..(racist)
      Jesse Jackson,(racist)
      The most Reverend Jeramiah Wright, (racist)
      LBJ and his great society, and Vietnam War
      I could just keep going on.
      Nough said!

    • Dear Chestor

      My Uncle told me of a man during WW1 on the French stage who could fart the Marseillaise.

      Now that was patriotic.

      Though the practical problem was that they used to clear the first two rows in case of accident.

      One thing is quite clear is that the Jewish punters have been making the volume taking in each others washing.

      There is nothing wrong with that the more the merrier.



    • Dear Mr Bennyman,

      I suspect that the message board has bee the subject of a hoax.

      The capitalist has changed his litery style twice and id a con merchant.

      You have likewise changed style.

      So inocent or guilty pack it up and go back to where you come from David.



    • To put into balance, true capitalism is a few controlling the many people with the power of their money. True Socialism is expensive to the capitalist. I am happy with fairness in the middle. I never had children, yet I do not mind paying the school taxes on my expensive property tax bill. I don't mind paying my taxes in general because I can enjoy a very comfortable life in this country by living in a safe neighborhood, have good medical care, and have all the food or material things I could ever want. I live a life most people could never have in this world. I am not poor. I grew up poor, 12 children in the family, Catholics could not use birth control. I learned the value of a dollar the hard way coming from a background of need and low self esteem. I got to my wealth in this life because of our state funded (socialist) programs such as public schools and universities. I am alive today because of our fine medical procedures on heart surgery by medical staff educated in those same publicly funded schools. Yes, these Socialist programs have surrounded me and all Americans with an educated public that we all benifit from. If you think the cost of education is expensive, think about the cost of ignorance! Imagine dealing with people that do not know what they are doing on a wide scale. Imagine us going back to a system of no free educational system. Education for profit. Imagine a capitalist system that was in control of the educational system that used education only to train people to do a certain job only without a rounded education in the arts, or any other area. With the cut backs in many school systems, music, art, manual arts, sports, etc. are gone. What is this country becoming? We are not the leaders in many fields of study anymore. Capitalism will corner many of our values out being in the name of "making money". All I ask is think in terms of balance. To simply say you are a capitalist must be put into context of what your objective is. That being you, yourself or what is the good of the whole country. No man is an island. Pease be with you.

    • You are correct on Ronald Reagan, he turned the country around in 6 months with great economic principals. Not socialist garbage.

    • As for the slavery stuff, Washington, asked that his slaves be freed upon his death.
      Lincoln , a Republican from my home state, freed the slaves.
      Religion in to many cases these days has become
      a business. I get post cards in my mail every week wanting me to join there church.
      They market God for there own $ signs.
      I have not though, heard any non-Cathatholics recieving these same marketing tricks in there mail boxes to join.
      I went to a public school out here in corn country. I liked it. I thought of the small Catholic grade school in town to have arrogant students that went there.
      To muchmoney being spent on schools now though. Look at your TAX bill and you would agree (well maybe)lol
      And yes punk is a strong word to use. Ok, let me tone it down a little here. Obama, maybe not so much a punk, he just lies alot.

    • Tell that crap to George Washington our founding father. Geesh

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