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  • archie_haddock archie_haddock Jul 26, 2011 11:57 AM Flag

    Carpe Diem! Carpe ONTY!

    I'm sitting here wondering why some long longs are getting their pants in a knot over this article.

    The article has been dissected here and on most points shown only to be a shallow, scaremongering, self-serving shorting bash, which unfortunately enjoys the panoramic profile of a much-read platform such as SA and from where it's author can reap tidy profits in the short term.

    My point is that if Stimuvax is clearing it's considerable clinical hurdles and, as most here anticipate (or at worst hope for), emerges from the trials as a winner, then what does it matter what some bozo writes in his article?

    If Stimuvax works (and we will find out one way or the other in the near future), then will not our PPS rebound to levels which reflect the scientific significance of of the drug and it's market potential, no matter what bashing is done right now?

    Add to Stimuvax a second generation '2.0' version (ONT-10) waiting in the wings and we have a potential upside which right now is impossible to quantify, except to say that if you do permit your expectations to run off the rein once in a while with some of the future PPS projections put across on this board that the upside on this one stock could be financially life-altering for shareholders, not to mention the hope and optimism that a successful cancer drug would bring to millions of sufferers.

    ONTY is an oh-so-rare opportunity for both shareholders and for cancer sufferers.

    So if a badly biased and intentionally misleading article is going to shake folk out of their shares, then what the hell! Let the price continue to drop off. I would love to to have another opportunity to triple or quadruple my position and am not going to get flustered short term over some transparent bashing when the near future will show unequivocally who was right.

    And look at it this way too; I'll bet few here thought they would be able to buy at or near to $8 again once it had hit $11.50 on it's meteoric rise over the last few months. Well, here is your opportunity to do just that!

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