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  • hnllvs hnllvs Mar 13, 2013 10:31 AM Flag

    I just want to see....

    this company (ONTY) issue ONE piece of positive news that will result in ANY increase in the stock price. Have been in this stock for 2+ yrs and ONTY has yet to release anything positive on any product that moved the stock price north. ICould someone please emlighten me if ONTY has done ANYTHING over the last 3+ yrs that has moved the stock price............up. Everything just seems to be a hope and a dream with these guys. I am staying with it......but certainly have tempered any expectations.

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    • Should have sold on the run to the second interim look at START results. Take the base hit next time and forget the home run. ONTY is not a long ball hitter.

    • when there was a lot of hope on stimuvax, the share prive reached the 11's for a brief while, but then skerelli presenred his short thesis and call that stimuvex was certain to fail. the shorts piled on, the traders bailed and the stock tanked. well it apparently did fail and here we are in the 2's.

      If they show something of a something in our lifetime compound, the stock could respond.

      If ONTY is not giving up on ONT 10 because of blp 25 responders and the px 866 results come in this stock may improve its share level, it has a chance. I think you are right to temper all expectations here. stimuvax did fail and it shattered alot of our hopes for where things would be at this time. to tell the absoulte truth, the stimuvax outcome has devasted a lot of people financially and disheartened many.

      Is there some hope left in blp 25 and the pipeline?

      sure, some hope, but tempered expectations are the right approach to take with this stock of no name.

      so far, they earned no hype, maybe some hope, but no hype that's for sure. Stimuvax P3 results that could not meet 6 mo advantage after p2 was 17 mo's in a subset was seriously disappointing.

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