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  • gabymacias gabymacias Jul 16, 2013 2:21 PM Flag

    stimuvax huge and dangerous side effects, with link

    This is from Bloomberg back in March 2010:

    March 23 (Bloomberg) -- Merck KGaA stopped studies of the experimental cancer vaccine Stimuvax, a shot that the German drugmaker has said may generate as much as $1 billion in sales, after a patient with a blood malignancy developed a brain infection while taking it.

    The patient, who was in a trial looking at use of the vaccine in multiple myeloma, was also being given a low dose of cyclophosphamide chemotherapy, the company said in a statement posted on its Web site today. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has also put a temporary hold on Stimuvax trials.

    As you can see, stimuvax side effects seem very dangerous. Who would want to try this drug with such side effects ?
    Let's have a good and respecful discussion about this ?
    Thank you

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    • "Let's have a good and respecful discussion about this"
      First, I suggest you learn how to spell.
      Second, I suggest you get some information about this drug and the START trial that is a little more current than 1,000 days old.
      Third, if you weren't such a blatant shill for shorts, you would be at least honest about your evaluation of this drug, and it's chances for approval at some point in the future.
      Fourth, I'm sure you couldn't care less about having a "respectful" discussion about your old news. Even someone as biased and blinded as you has to know that the START trial was halted for this one case of encephalitis, investigated by all the powers that be, and determined NOT to be caused by Stimuvax.
      Fifth, the side effects for Stimuvax are actually quite mild, mainly being some site redness and soreness.
      Sixth, you have finally exceeded my limit for patience, may you dwell forever in the land of IGNORE with the rest of your Lilliputian colleagues !

    • You must be getting desperate. With each day's rise it becomes more and more clear that the bottom was at 1.55 and this thing is now starting to rise.

    • Did your crack research department unearth this nugget? What took them so long?

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