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  • daweasl652 daweasl652 Aug 20, 2013 4:37 PM Flag

    managerial blunder

    Ont-10 .

    What was the reason given, I've forgotten. Ont-10 sat in the utility closet with the paper towels and office supplies, for 2yrs ? or was it 3 yrs. ? Management (klinkman) was focused on dilution to keep money coming in, biotech salaries are huge. We liked that phrase MRK has "right of first negotiation" - How do you negotiate a product sitting on the shelf ?

    Now we screwed the pooch, don't know what that means, but we did it. - Merck hates this company. No data on the glycosylated vaccine. They might continue stim, almost no choice really,, ifwal and oxy know stat sig is a long shot. And so does MRK.

    A completed ph I and ph II trial, FDA will talk breakthrough status. Timely execution and ph I ont-10 should of been completed, with the ph II currently enrolling. Whatever.

    Can Merck pull the greatest illusionist stunt ever recorded . . . . . Provide the path to regulatory approval ?

    I guess we'll have our answer soon enough. Glta.

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    • It was Kirkman's steadfast dedication to everything PX which so far turned out to be huge bust. The only chance left for px866 is the head n neck trial and while they say PI3K expresses itself there more than other cancers, it looks dim to me.

      so if you go by results and the fact that they put ONT 1o on back burner for too long, it's al part of a lousy situation that we are in today reflected in the sp.

      can't help wonder if the fda would have a new look at the cCRT results because it took 6 YEARS to get those results and people are dying of lung cancer without a good fight.

      But alas so far its a let them eat cake and die attitude that is coming across.

      ps- Weasl , I still like your BIOD's chances. biod 123 looks better than anything out there for its class and that means diabetics would have less problems going forward, gl

    • i understand your point. What difference would the success of Stimuvax have on the development calendar of ONT-10?
      My first inclination is to give Kirkman the benefit of the doubt, i.e. there is something we don't know.
      But the more you think about it, why did they wait?
      When was the actual IND for ONT-10 filed??
      There had to be some kind of strange, and in retrospect potentially unethical, deal made between Kirkman and MRK.DE. (?)
      Anyway, I like to see someone posting who has a real conviction.
      I'm not sellling.

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