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  • rferguso1 rferguso1 Jan 24, 2013 9:37 AM Flag

    Why is this stock not down 10-15% today? Up 1-2%?

    Missed for the quarter and lowered guidance. Chalk this up to oddball, insider trading, who the hell knows.

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    • Arctic didn't miss. They knocked it out of the park. The analysts are the ones that missed! A company does what a company does. The analysts don't tell a company what it should "do". The company tells the analysts what it did, then everybody can see how far the analysts missed it again this quarter! And they, the analysts, will miss "it" again next quarter, and the next quarter, and all quarters after that.

      Do you honestly think Warren Buffett puts any weight in the opinion and research of analysts?

      Several years back Berkshire Hathaway was in the process of buying a large corporation. The corporation hired a bunch of investment bankers to advise them on the sale. Parties got together for a discussion. One of the investment bankers held out a fat research and analysis book to Charlie Munger, Vice Chairman of Berkshire, and said, "We spent over $2 million compiling this research and opinion. I'm sure you'll want to read it." Charlie said, "I'll give you $2 million if I don't have to read it" and promptly threw it in the nearby trash can.

      Anyone who believes one word from a stock analyst deserves to lose their money.

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