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  • billyliar66 billyliar66 Jan 17, 2002 9:35 AM Flag

    Any Psychologists Out There?

    What syndrome is this, its cause, and treatment.


    quoting CF:

    "In many cases, it is a return to the environment that used to exist around here. Bill Hewlett and Dave Packard were famous for going to reviews, and if they didn't like something that was said or done in the review, the next day the person was gone."

    Does anybody remember this ever happening?

    I'm pretty sure Bill and Dave wouldn't like what's happening at Palo Alto these days.

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    • I remember a story of Dave P. asking to look at an early laser device while "managing by wandering around", that was under a low power microscope. The engineer said, go ahead but it might fry your eye. Dave got PO'd at the remark and asked my buddy, who was the project manager to fire his(the mildly lippy engineer) butt. G, the pm, mumbled something, Dave left and the miscreant was informed he had a close call and that was the end of it.

    • OK, this goes WAY over my annoyance threshold.

      "In many cases, it is a return to the environment that used to exist around here. Bill Hewlett and Dave Packard were famous for going to reviews, and if they didn't like something that was said or done in the review, the next day the person was gone."

      Carly, it's not enough for you to attack Walter Hewlett's reputation, now you attack the reputations of Bill Hewlett and Dave Packard.

      Those of us who knew Bill and Dave know that you are telling a lie. A pure, unadulterated, irredeemable, no ifs-ands-or-buts, G_ddammed lie.

      Get this straight, Carly: You are unworthy to lick the boots of Bill, or Dave, or any of their heirs.

      And if you lie like this about the small things, I have to believe you have no hesitation in lying about the big things.

      Go, Carly.

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      • I agree.. I know a number of managers who participated in division reviews. Dave Packard would be particularly hard on managers who he didn't think had a well thought out plan, or who had rather lame excuses for problems that came out during the review.

        However, the way Carly implies is that Dave promptly fired those managers. That couldn't be farther from the truth. I would hope some of the retired executives speak out on that.

        Even the infamous division review in which Dave was just returning from his stint as undersecretary of defense nothing terrible happened to managers. Dave discovered one of the Colorado-based divisions was proposing that HP borrow money to fund some hefty growth plans they had. My understanding from a manager that was there was that Dave was really hot over the idea that their plans included borrowing money. He promptly told them to forget that idea and told them to come up with another plan to grow their division and when they had that plan put together another review would be scheduled. No one got fired...

      • Are you THE Barny Oliver? The Barny Oliver who was the first leader of HP Labs. If so, let me shake your hand.


        P.S. Ms. Fiorina may not realize she is telling lies. Some of us have come to believe she hallucinates. But nevertheless, you wind up with the same net result. She's gotta go.

      • even met the two cult heroes...quit resurrecting dead people...their day is you say they fired people on a whim, more or less...sounds noble to me...

    • Thank you.

    • I am very happy to hear that you agree.


    • Chapter 1, Verse 1

      So verily, the spooky, unknown entity did say unto the masses, "GET LAID". And lo, they did go forth, and did repeatedly heed the words bestowed on them from on high.

    • Yo Billy...

      And I really like this quote from SSB in your link:

      "A lot of what (Fiorina) is doing, in my view, should have been done 10 years ago," Jones said. "When Lou Gerstner came to IBM in 1993, the analyst community and the media tore him apart. History has validated him, with the stock up 10 times where it was."

      Now before you rip me a new one, I didn't say that. Salomon Smith Barney said that.

      And thanks for answering the question "Who speaks for Bill and Dave these days?" Now we all know who it is. It's you! billyliar66! Congrats big man!

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      • Gerstner.. History has validated ?
        As what , the guy who could not keep focus on OS/2 ?
        The guy who would loose the PC market place ?
        The guy who lost the market as the largest software company in the world ?

        Big blue did a good job of stopping SUN's progress with their SRAM stunt in the E10K. But that's gonna change things, and replaceing all of Big Blue's HD in disk arrays since Big Blue will not acknowledge their failures, that is gonna change things. It will make a service provider out of a hardware manufacturer.

        History has validated him because the stock is up 10 times where it was? Whoa, horse .. smack, and when I a say whoa I a mean whoa.

        Does that mean history has invalidated Carly because since she has been here the stock has fallen so much, or has history validated Walter becuase the stock has risen so much since he steped in to the lioness's den.

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