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  • billyliar66 billyliar66 Jan 19, 2002 11:35 PM Flag

    Can't buy Compaq Customers

    One of the reasons I think this deal is so poor is at the base of it HWP thinks they are buying CPQ's customers.

    HP keeps saying: "We'll be a $86B company"..etc. As though they will automatically buy from HWP once the deal is concluded.

    Certainly there will be leakage, and its been considered and discussed. The part that concerns me is that the captive customer mentality is the hallmark of AT&T/Lucent. 100 years of monopoly business left an indelible imprint on their thinking: customers will buy what we tell them, how we tell them, when we tell them.

    That is just one of the huge mistakes in the center of this deal.

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    • Hold on your ANALysis is flawed. Let me help you out with this.

      After the merger there are two LESS companies to do business with and a new giant that rivals IBM in scope, size, product and financing that you as a company can do ALL your business with.

      AT&T and Lucent that model does NOT apply here! They are different parts of a larger business that got split not merged if you separate CPQ and HWP they are similar, AT&T and Lucent are different.

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