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  • Alex1444 Alex1444 Jan 31, 2002 2:18 PM Flag

    EU approval - now call a damn VOTE!

    Now that Carly has her EU approval for the merger, there's no more excuse for delaying the merger vote. If Carly doesn't set a date for the vote IMMEDIATELY, she is shirking her fiduciary duties (as is the HWP BoD, though Carly obviously tells them what to do).

    NO MORE can Carly cajole and bribe and intimidate and advertise endlessly for her merger, until she wins out of exhaustion. NO REASON to not set a date, NOW! DO IT, CARLY! If you don't set a date now, it will show once again that you are simply a manipulator, not a leader.

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    • That is stupid! This is not a street brawl like the idiot Mike Tyson & Silly Wally Hewlett have every day. Grow up and accept the truth. Let the shareholders have the final say, neither you nor Silly Wally can change that!

    • The date will be set, and it will such that it's in CPQ's maximum interest. That will be well before CPQ's next QTR EA.

      EU's nod doesn't mean anything. It's best no party backs down, but defeated by shareholder votes. That way neither party has to pay several hundred million$ breakaway feet.

      Let go to the vote!


    • You dont know what you are talking about dude! They still need to get approval from the FTC (Federal Trade Commission)before they can set a vote date! Take a chill pill and do some research before posting!

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      • <<< They still need to get approval from the FTC (Federal Trade Commission)before they can set a vote date! >>>

        Ok, good point. Usually with US companies they get that before they get EU approval. Also, usually US CEOs are able to discern whether a merger will be approved in the US regulators (as with WCOM/FON merger, which EU later killed) before moving forward. Although with an inexperienced CEO like Carly, no telling if she did that. But you are right, still need FTC approval.

        However, my feeling is still the same - as soon as possible, Carly MUST call a vote. Any delay (beyond approval) will merely show (again) that she's just a manipulator (and we already have plenty of examples of that) not a "leader".

        I almost hope though that the merger DOES happen, and Carly gets a 5 year contract extension. That way she can fully grind HWP/CPQ into the dust, thus providing a good example for future generations on what not to do. Plus then Carly will hold the record (I believe) of killing 3 major companies (LU, HWP, CPQ). Pretty good for a history major/"boutique" MBA holder!

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