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  • stillcenter stillcenter Jun 24, 2002 12:45 PM Flag

    Fear is in the air

    The big fear arriving among investors is that we are no longer talking about exceptions; we have to seriously contemplate an economy and a society in which corruption has become the norm. How different is Arthur Andersen from the remaining big four? How different is Enron from GE or IBM?

    Although we may still be a superpower, we are no longer living in a democracy. We have regressed to the political primitivism of a third-world country where political figureheads disguise the rule of the rich. It's time to study Argentina and calculate what that kind of moral decay will do to the United States. Meanwhile,keep your money in cash equivalents until a generation of honest businessmen arrives. It will be a long wait.

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    • CF and her 70 million "gimme quick" ATTEMPT is the proof of her company loyalty....ZERO....Wall Street is spooked on every front...CF's credibility just fell to the same level as the rest of the money grubbing, me first boys and girls....Eisner, Lay, Martha, and a few hundered others.....I had hopes, now only doubt...

    • Still

      I believe you are correct. The hijacking of the 2000 election, with the corrupt judicial decision supporting it, is evidence of the end of our Republic. The unilateral abrogation of treaties, the elimination of regulatory oversight, the unprecedented corporate & corp. executive greed, the astouding fleecing of middle America, the assault on Social Security (via privatization), the international political interference in sovereign countries (Panama, Venezuela, Afganistan[anywhere in Latin America]), the military interventions throughout the world show that the US is the largest terrorist organization in the world, and is fully in thrall to the fabled "Military-Industrial Complex" which Eisenhower warned against. With our energy-industry President, the US is worldwide acting like any banana-republic dictatorship, using military SWAT teams to capture anyone (except Bin Laden, who *may* be protected by Bush) & incarcerate them without trial or even charges. This includes American Citizens. The US is now dealing with its own version of Chile's "Disappeareds."

      Attorney General John Ashcroft has been given carte blanche to eliminate Bill of Right protections for anyone he feels might be dangerous, including US citizens. In defense, the government officials keep citing "war" regulations, even though we are not at war (Congress ONLY has the right to declare war).

      I am frightened for the future of the American Republic, and see the future of the US in thrall to the ultra-right Christian fundamentalists, who are trying their best to turn the United States into a Christian "democracy" very much like Iran & the Islamic "democracies" in the Middle East.

      The consolidation of power by the very-rich and the polarization of political forces is what will cause the failure of our political processes. People, once in power, will do anything to keep that power. The checks we've had have been weakened to the extent that they may stop working in the near future. For a few more years, lip-service will be paid to elections & constitutional law, but eventually, some power-mad, but seemingly reasonable, leader will finally decide that enough is enough & appoint himself, via constitutional amendment, as a permanent Head of State, and eventually, show himself to be the dictator that he will be in fact.

      I hope that none of this will come to pass, but the signs are there.... Read your history & learn.... And then, be afraid, be very afraid....


    • I think what the U.S. is destined to become is an oligarchy. The flood of immigrants that have come here over the past fifteen years or so are from Third World societies that have become overpopulated. Because they haven't adopted the sort of social responsiblities that made America prosper in the past, and because their numbers are growing everyday, the future looks bleak for us all. The teenage population is booming, the number of illiterates in our society is booming, crime is on the rise, and we're at the mercy of a blind and ignorant mass of people who live only for the day.

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