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  • stillcenter stillcenter Jan 20, 2003 5:37 PM Flag

    Messianic Christian crazies

    There is a creepy movie called the "Dead Zone," in which a psycho president launches a nuclear war to fulfill his "destiny." This is no longer just a dark fantasy. There is accumulating evidence suggesting that GWB believes himself to be an agent of God in a big-budget right-wing Christian epic. He has lumped together three nations (Iraq, Iran, and North Korea) that have almost nothing in common and branded them as "evil." Calling a country evil is making a moral judgement that suggests no compromise is possible.

    There is a grave danger that Bush believes he is a messianic figure locked in a death struggle with evil forces and that he must pursue this struggle irrespective of the dangers to America. That is why the steady advance toward war in Iraq, irrespective of the opinion of our allies or our own citizens, is very disturbing. Frankly I would rather have Reagan's pagan astrologer running foreign policy than the apocalyptic holy rollers in the Bush White House.

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    • The same crap could be said of Abraham Lincoln, Our nations greatest president.

    • Stillcenter,
      You need serious assistance with your mental health. Please seek it as soon as possible.

    • You have OBVIOUSLY watched too many movies, have too much time on your hands and are spouting just as racist a theme as any KKK member could drum up. If you disagree with Bush policies, fine...say so. But DO NOT sink to the level of broadly stereotypic, racist type remarks such as these. I just love the way liberals can scream "racism" and "hate-monger" if someone points out a disagreement with their ideology, but are the first to use name calling and inuendo as well as race, religious and ethic slurs when referring to those very same dissenters.

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      • i just love the way conservatives will often start a sentence with 'i just love the way liberals ... '. it's great because what follows is usually a howl.

        in this case it's what comes before - the conservative accuses the liberal of broad stereotypic remarks and then starts the NEXT SENTENCE with a broad, stereotypic opening - 'i just love the way liberals ...' - with no irony at all.

        it's great. it's like art - unwitting, beautiful, absurdist american folk prose that even a modern day faukner could never dream up.

        but i digress - i was here to read about hpq!!

        good luck all

      • I agree with you. Also please keep in mind that the liberals are the first ones to demand protection. Well I hope there are no nukes that get shot off but I will tell you this I am glad that President Bush is in the office. I also would like to say that if we do go to war and they need volunteers I will be first in line, and let me tell you this, all the republicans and democrats want people like me to protect them and their families.

        Keep the FAITH(that will burn their ass)

    • Give it a rest....

      Now you're scared by movies...??

    • Couldn't agree more.

      The only thing worse than a cynical, manipulative President who panders to the worst instincts of his base is a naive, credulous President who actually believes in the "Last Days" nonsense. Distasteful as the choice is, I much prefer to think of Dubya as a dull-witted puppet of Karl Rove and Dick Cheney than a prophetically inspired wielder of Christ's apocalyptic sword.

    • Evil, Evil, Evil!

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