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  • selfemployedgeek2003 selfemployedgeek2003 Jul 22, 2003 10:14 PM Flag

    Darn the luck!

    Gosh, golly, whoops, sh*t, f*ck, I hate those open microphones....

    So here's proof of a political party wishing things stay bad so they can raise taxes and gain the majority (read:POWER!).

    All you staunch Dems that THINK Bush lied can kiss my white ass on Main Street...there is now PROOF that Dems are dirtier than a $10 whore in a back alley.

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    • For upper management, the cost is not significant. For that cost they get weather where the need heat and air conditioning is marginal, not a necessity like in Houston or New England. Then there is Napa, Tahoe, Reno, San Francisco, well you get the idea. No, upper management may move the �drones� to India and manufacturing to China, but they will not give up El Dorado.

      Moving jobs out of California or overseas may not be as cost saving as might first appear. China as a manufacturing source is a dual edged sword. They have a nasty habit of ignoring IP and competing with you, with you own product, rebranded of course. India, even at the height of the phase, was only half the cost of the US, if you did proper cost accounting on successful transitions. Now, it is probably less, for salaries have come down here and gone up in India.

      As for California vs Texas/Colorado/Idaho � Well, parking lots in those other places tend to be empty before 9 and after 5. Not in California � the lots are full by 8 and don�t empty until after 7. Californians work harder and longer, so they wind up costing no more per unit of work produced than other states. It is only idiotic accounts who look at body counts, instead of work produced, that think California is more expensive.

      You are probably right though. Current management believes in plug-compatible engineers and that intelligence only exists at the top. So, HP will envy IBM while trying to out Dell Dell, producing ever cheaper goods and ever cheaper quality to be able to compete on price. CF has forgotten that profit comes from IP, not from volume, and that will be the death of HP.

    • Radrightrichard

      HPQ is not likely to move its HQ to Houston any time soon, although they will move a lot of operations there.

      As far as Calif falling into the Pacific, geologically, the biggest fault, the San Andreas, has a long history of moving laterally - not vertically. In any case, the largest earthquakes in recent history in the lower 48 states occurred on the New Madrid, Missouri intra-plate fault - at least 3 - 8+ magnitude quakes in 1811-1812, & were felt over 1500 miles away. The earth movement was similar to the 1964 Alaska quake, where one side of the fault rose some 60 feet. Reelfoot Lake, TN, was formed by the quake, BTW. Do a Google lookup on "new madrid seismic zone."

      I continue to be amazed at your tenacious grasp of your own ignorance.

    • Sorry, I haven't been following this thread so if I'm off the mark please excuse me.

      Re the National Debt, true it's at an all-time $$ high but as a percent of GDP it's not THAT bad. Now, that doesn't mean we shouldn't do everything we can to act fiscally responsible. On the other hand, there is sound reasoning to borrowing funds to assist the domestic economy. Just as a businessman/woman borrows money to start a business and invest in capital equipment/etc. the Gov borrows to create jobs, fund vital programs such as Defence, etc. They don't borrow the WHOLE amount, just enough to keep the wheels greased. In a recession, this is good policy - especially while interest rates are low. The other side of the coin, the dirty side, is that politicians don't have a CLUE or don't care about being truly fiscally responsible. They should cancel all the "fat" legislation that bought them votes with this constituency or that lobbyist group. All of that legislation should be reviewed by an auditor to see if it's even legal to throw CRAP like that into legislation stated as something else. If it IS legal, then we should lobby our representatives to make it illegal. Cut off the feeding frenzy. You'll see the gap on the deficit close quickly after that.

      You may need to click your ruby slippers now and say "there's no place like home". Oz is the only place where politicians care about the people.

    • And just what brought on this rant?

      I'm talking about descended into a US wide tirade about spending and taxes.

      BTW, if the 2 richest men in America feel their taxes are too low, they can send in more to offset the debt. Nothing says you can't pay more. Perhaps they can start by making a symbolic gesture and write checks for several BILLION dollars.

      Why don't you campaign for that? And while you are at it, send in more from your bank. You seem to think that it will help solve the problems, just send more and more and more.

      Go on, you can do it.

    • By the same token then moving to India and even Canada would be a good idea right, since it is cheaper at those places right ?

      I hear Compaq had an office in Iraq and that labor there is really cheap these days.

    • "Besides California will be falling into the Pacific any year now."


    • You are right about the Dems being dirty.

      However raising taxes to eliminate the debt and deficit to have a fiscally responsible government is not such a bad idea to me.

      Forgetting that Bush lies and people die.

      What have these take cuts really achieved, are the going to pay for the currently running War's ? No !!

      Will tax cuts help the Government reduce the National Debt and run a balanced budget ? Noooooo !!

      So what should the Dems do ? Sit back and lets this administration run the country to the ground with financially irresponsible decisions ?

      They are doing what they must do , keep the pressure up until they get this government out of office.

      How pathetic this current administration is, such that a bunch of dems who are dirtier than a $10 whore, have more credibility and statue.

      Like it or not Bush has far out slimed Clinton, to Bush's credit is the fact that it was not an easy task to out slime Clinton.

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