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  • stillcenter stillcenter Jul 23, 2003 9:24 AM Flag

    155 US KIA in Iraq

    >> TWO AMERICAN SOLDIERS were killed in ambushes in Iraq on Wednesday, dashing any U.S. hopes that the killing of Saddam�s sons, Odai and Qusai, would snuff out a guerrilla insurgency against occupying forces.
    A U.S. military spokesman said one soldier was killed and six wounded when their vehicle hit a mine or home-made bomb in the northern town of Mosul, where the brothers were killed in a six-hour gunbattle with about 200 U.S. troops on Tuesday.
    In a separate ambush, another soldier was killed and two wounded when their convoy was attacked near the restive town of Ramadi, west of Baghdad, in the heart of the �Sunni triangle� from where Saddam drew much of his support.
    The two deaths brought to 155 the number of American soldiers killed since the war began March 20, surpassing by eight the death toll in the 1991 Gulf War.

    [Source: MSNBC]

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    • Seems that killing Saddam sons may not be in our interest.

      Iraqi choice's Saddam or the Coalition .. It appears that some Iraqi's may not have joined the resistance in fears that Saddam may return. Take away Saddam and the reason for Iraqi's not to join the resistance may be slipping away.

      Lose, lose situation.

    • ++The 1998 weapons inspectors documented it all++

      Knock Knock...Helllllooooo in there!! Its 2003...just in case you just walked out of a time capsule. Judging from your war mongering rhetoric, I wouldn't be surprised if in fact you just did. Do us all a favor and lock yourself up for another 50 years :)

    • >>I, for one, see NOTHING this man has done as good. NOTHING.<<<

      Then it should be easy to put things into my perspective. You haven't even begun to do something in comparison. So you think the world owes you an ear??!! All the yada, yada, yada in the world isn't going to change this fact.

    • >>I, for one, see NOTHING this man has done as good. NOTHING.<<

      Then why have you been so hatefully against a war to depose him??????????????? Oh, that's right, because it was a Republican president who initiated it with Democrat backing and not visa versa. That is my point!! Who cares who did the right thing as long as it was done?

    • Clinton could do a better job of managing US foreign policy in the middle of an orgy than Bush could with a bible in one hand and a lemonade in the other. Clinton toppled tyrants in Yugoslavia and Haiti with ZERO US CASUALTIES, despite bitter Republican opposition over "stretching our forces too thin." Our forces are now more than "stretched" in Iraq. And thanks to the fantasies of Perle, Wolfowitz, and the other PNAC philosophers, we are signed up to conquer the Mideast. When God talks to the President and tells him to strike villains like Saddam, apparently God does not provide the accompanying manpower and dollar costs.

    • after I posted that I sorta did briefly......truly a disgusting picture....

      but Im pretty sure wolfowitz coming into the office like that would make bill sit up in his chair and get his attention....on how many paces it takes to get to the bathroom and "can I make it there in time?"

    • As I recall, he'd be a hit with you.

    • Thank God for that! Can you imagine Paul Wolfowitz in a mini-skirt?

    • in order to get clintons attention you had to come in his office wearing a mini skirt with no underpants and be carrying a pizza....I guess wolfowitz wasnt willing to go that extra mile :)

    • Thanks to the cynical pillagers currently leading the US economy, I don't see anything but doom and gloom on the horizon. As you point out, the home equity financing well is going to run dry, and with exporting of jobs the new "efficiency" tactic of major corporations, the middle class is going to be crushed in a vise of debt accumulation and job loss. The out of control deficits will inevitably result in an increase in interest rates that will set in motion a major US fiscal crisis.

      Gold is starting to look good as an investment.

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