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  • stillcenter stillcenter Aug 21, 2003 10:40 AM Flag

    Bushista Feudalism

    If you believe that Bush will have to perk up the economy to get elected, get over it. The Bushistas don't believe in a modern economy. They believe in a neo-feudal system of masters and serfs. The masters have personal jets and walled compounds (castles), and the serfs are unemployed, uninsured, and addicted to television violence.

    As American society comes apart, The feudal masters simply pile up more money looted from corporate and public treasuries to protect themselves from the the general crash of the economy. This society is headed over a cliff because of the moral bankruptcy of the power elite. Take your money out of stocks and avoid debt. It's going to be a long, cold winter before responsible leadership returns to America.

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    • And the vast majority of these so-called masters came into power during Comrade Clinton's reign of terror so what does this have to do with Bush or HPQ?

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      • Clinton was a smiling and competent liar. Bush is a smiling and incompetent liar, as is Fiorina. The crucial difference is that the masters of the electronic mob have learned how low they can go - and it is very low indeed. (How does Governor Schwartzenegger sound?)

      • My journalist daughter just got back from the YDA convention in Buffalo where she had to hear Hillary rant. She said that Jerry Springer was actually more logical and plain speaking than Hillary, and a lot more "together". She wrote down some things that Hillary said, and two really struck me as interesting. Hillary said that it is a well-known fact that the president inherits from the previous president. She said that she, therefore, expected a thank you note from Dick Cheney to her husband, for the military. I wonder if she realized that she had just made the argument for this economic downturn being inherited as well?? She also said this: "... politics is more focused on people who are older than people who are younger, which is exactly the opposite of the way it should be,". I bet the AARP would love to hear that.

    • Got any #@^%&$$# grapes?

    • By your reasoning, if there are a few decent people in Texas, Bush and Fiorina are fine folks. Ignorance and arrogance are abundantly on display right now at HPQ and the White House.

      Americans seem to love their smiling liars right up until their last pennies are stolen. Then, outraged, we scream "How could we let them do this?" It is becaused we so loved their strutting and posturing that we let them do this.

    • >>This society is headed over a cliff because of the moral bankruptcy of the power elite.<<
      No sir, this society is headed over a cliff because of the moral bankruptcy of the entire nation. It is becoming chaos out there, and each one of us bears some responsibility. Quit blaming others and work on yourself. If each one of us does that, this nation will be invincible.

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      • It is the leaders who make crucial decisions, like the Compaq merger and the Iraq invasion. No matter how many good people there are in society at large, bad leadership will bring misery and ruin to the nation.

        Bush hasn't sent a single Enron bandit to jail. NOT A SINGLE ONE. Enron was the largest contributor to Bush's campaign. The corruption in Washington stinks to high heaven, and it is mirrored by the dishonest leadership style in fashion at HPQ and many other large organizations. A hard rain is going to fall on all of us for permitting the rise of liars, thieves, and fools to leadership positions throughout America.

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