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  • the_original_mdr the_original_mdr Sep 12, 2003 5:02 PM Flag

    Welcome to the politics board.


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    • zmoron whines:

      most business dont require payment in advance of delivery so having seed money (working capital)is prerequisite to running a business


      I guess zmoron would consider Mike Dell to be an absolute genius because his direct sale business model collects its cash up front at the time an order is placed and then builds the product and ships it within a week.

      NAH!!! zmoron would never, ever, be accused of showing he is even aware of what is obvious to everyone else....... then he would have to admit Failureina is incompetent!!!

    • > Without that customer, you have no potential return on your investment.


      I agree with you on this. During the great Internet bubble, 5-10 years ago, a lot of companies forgot about the customer. They disappeared when it became clear that there were no customers.

    • Actually, I don't agree with your IPO analogy. That start-up needs a product of some sort, whether an idea underdevelopment or actually formed. That 'product or service' has to have a market to buy it - potential revenue source, so you're back to the customer as part of the foundation market. Without that customer, you have no potential return on your investment.

      You just cannot get away from having the customer in the equation.

      G. Worm

    • ++say zy, arent there still >130,000 employees ++

      gee u have n e proof about employee numberz or r u just guessing again??

    • << say zy, arent there still >130,000 employees ... may still be too many if sales dont improve ... gadgets or otherwise >>

      Pre-compaguisition there were a lot less than 130,000 employees. So what's your point? Buy a company just to move everything you can off-shore? There would have been a much, much cheaper solution if that was the objective.

      Management has to line their pockets...checked your wallet lately?

      Man, I took you off ignore after "one" of your last posts...oh, well, back on ignore again.

      Keep moving those boxes!!!

    • <<but if u aint got any customers u aint got a business, and if u aint got a business u aint got a company or employees>>

      Finally agree on something. Employees are evaporating like water in the desert. Who will service the customers? Call Centers that can't speak decent English? Do the math for the rest...

      UNLESS...Carleton has some nanoprobes in the lab that will support the users

      ...resistance is're money will be assimilated...what is being put into those gadgets she wants us to buy.

      Keep moving those boxes!!!

    • > once the hp founders took their company public, creditors and
      > shareholders went to the top of the list

      They are certainly important. But, I put "The Company" at the top of the list because a CEO's primary job must be the protection of the welfare of the company and all of its relationships. And I also agree with you as well that it all becomes a question of priorities that evolve over time.

      As far as Carly is concerned, her motivations are certainly a matter of conjecture as you said. No one except Carly can understand her motivations for sure - and maybe she doesn't either soometimes.

      But, I wasn't really addressing her motivations for exactly that reason. Of more importance to Carly and to any public figure is the public's impression of her and her motivations. The best leaders understand that in order to lead you need the support of those that follow. In order to get and keep the support of those who follow, the followers must trust the direction and the motivations of the leader.

      I think that the issue now is whether she has enough trust so that she can effectively lead the company and so that employees will gladly give 110% to push in the direction that she leads. I hope she can make it work. We'll see.

    • > but where does the customer fit?


      Oops. I guess that's what happens when you put an engineer in change! ;-)

      Now that you've reminded me, I'd have to put them at level 2 with the employees and shareholders, or even just above them. But, they'd still be below the company and its survival and well-being.

    • That is why the customer MUST be included in the equation. Otherwise the formula does not work long term. It's not just the preservation of current customers, it's the garnering of further customers which will enable longterm prosperity IF it is done profitably.

      G. WOrm

    • Agree that Customers are important if not the most important.

      The old HP Way always speak of profit, customers, employees and the communities. Shareholders (or principal owners) interests are the self-evident.

      Too bad shareholders of HP after the merger are fund managers and insiders who care little about communities, employees, customers and small investors in that order.

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