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  • stillcenter stillcenter Sep 30, 2003 9:55 PM Flag

    Prejudice against Texas?

    Texas leads the nation in workers without health insurance. Texas leads the nation in executions. Texas Presidents have led the nation into two foolish and costly wars. In recent years, more Texans have been shot to death than have died in auto accidents.

    Are these coincidences, or is there something WRONG with people in Texas? Do we want Texas to be more like America, or do we want America to be more like Texas? The next Presidential election will be a referendum on this question.

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    • Or the extra $5 can be spent on a pack of smokes and a six pack.

    • > Slightly incorrect. A person steals your car, drives over someone
      > and kills them, are you responsible? Or the driver who stole your car?

      It depends on whether you left your keys in the car or not. We all know there are criminals out there. The owners of both cars and guns need to take some basic actions to secure their property so they can't be easily used by criminals. If not, the owners must taken some of the blame.

      It's called taking responsibility for your possessions in the face of well known threats.

      A considerable portion of gun deaths and injuries are caused by children and others using them without supervision. If the owners of these guns had taken responsibility for their property, none of these deaths or injuries should have occured.

    • Excellent point!!!!!

    • > Cite the specific legislation please.

      I don't have time to look for it now. Maybe someone else here can help. What I remember from recent news reports was that many midwest power plants can now make upgrades and increase power production without doing the originally required cleaning of various pollutants from the smoke stacks.

      > Any tax cut will affect "the rich" more than "the poor".

      In financial terms, that is certainly true. However, in effects on livelyhood and livestyle, it may not be so true. An extra $100 to "the rich" is nice, but an extra $5 for "the poor" may mean that they will have something to eat that day.

    • Unfortunately there are very few native Texans left in Texas anymore (at least in the metro areas).

      Looking like it's time to move to the Junction, Menard, San Angelo area.

    • Stillcenter,

      The great thing about the United States is that the people of Texas are free to be Texan. And the people of your home state are free to be just like they are.

      There is no need to decide whether Texas needs to become more like the rest of the country, or vice versa. Many Texans can't stand Berkeley and Cambridge. And most pointy-headed liberals think Texas is a state full of yahoos.

      Fortunately we don't all have to become the same. Texans love Texas, and more power to them. Texas is too hot and muggy for me. But the people are very friendly.

      Isn't that what the blessed "diversity" liberals are always praising is all about? Or are liberals really for diversity in thought? I doubt it.


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      • The toxic waste is leaking out of Texas and into Washington:

        1. Texans are trigger happy killers, so Ashcroft wants more death penalty enforcement, and Rumsfeld wants to execute captives at Guantanamo. Action Figure George Junior has already killed thousands of Iraqis, and he intends to kill more to win reelection.

        2. Texans believe pollution is necessary to build wealth, so Bush's EPA allows existing powerplants to expand without installing new pollution equipment. Bush pulls out of Kyoto and says "What warming? I already live in Hell (Crawford)?"

        3. Texans believe in the rule of the rich and Bossism, so Bush cuts taxes for the rich and benefits for the poor. He tightens up secrecy in government so nobody knows what the boss is doing wrong.

        4. Texans believe health care should be denied to the poor to punish them for their laziness, so they have the highest rate of uninsured in the country. Sure enough, the number of uninsured in America is moving up steadily under the Bushistas.

        Bush is Texicanizing America. He is trying to drag the country back to Texas primitivism. The next election is our chance to stop the damage.

    • OK bozo here ya go:

      Texas murders for year 2000 = 1,238

      Texas auto fatalities for year 2000 = 3,779

      So even if all murders were committed by shooting then your still about 2,500 behind.

      If your going to flame someone, at least get it right.

    • "In recent years, more Texans have been shot to death than have died in auto accidents."

      Care to put up or shut-up? I'd like to see where you get your information from.

    • if my memory serves me correctly, texas once wanted to declare independance from the federation of america. jeez, texans have unique accents 2.

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