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  • stillcenter stillcenter Oct 6, 2003 8:47 AM Flag

    Why Bush never admits mistakes

    Why is it that Bush always has to be right? The answer is that he was not elected on a logical basis. He was elected as a mystical defender of right-wing values. Thus, his supporters believe that he has a magical, charismatic, talent for doing the right things, and doing things right. The mindless backers of Bush use phrases like "born leader." What they really mean is that he exhibits mannerisms that make him look like a "winner." In short, Bush is a confidence man.

    Nothing is worse for the reputation of a confidence man than publicly acknowledging a failure. That is why things are getting so surreal in Iraq. No matter how big the mess gets, the official story is that everything is on track and going according to plan. The problem with never admitting mistakes is that, at some point, even the most deeply hypnotized true believers will grasp the facts. When this point is reached, they will turn on the confidence man, whom they will brand a "loser." Bush is about to reach that point.

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    • Tso -

      I write this with the experience of having been all over the US and the world, having lived overseas, being able to speak more than one language, having experienced more cultures than I can count, etc.

      To not to overload your 386 brain, I'll be brief. It is people like you who are leeches on society and continue to weaken the US. (Why else would you want the US to have a second civil war)?

      So, please do us all a favor and move out of the country since you obviously don't appreciate the freedoms here and the price paid for them. I'd recommend for you one of several available puppet dictatorships. Just remember that you'd only be dictator for life...

    • You need a reading comprehension lesson. Aren't you the English teacher? He said he wouldn't wish war on anyone "lightly."

      On another note, you don't deserve the attention you get on this board. You're another egomaniac who thinks he's superior to others. We have a few here among us and you're one of these.

    • Tso is also not smart enough to realize most southerners are not from the south, but northern transplants. And to wish war on anyone is detestable. If he got his war, and it was where he lives, he'd be the first one out, without a peep from his mouth. After all, it's easy to be an internet cowboy when you don't have to face anyone in person.

    • >>Maybe if we ignore him (Tso) he will crawl back under his rock.<<

      People like him are constantly trying to garner attention. It's a control thing. In AlAnon they admonish NOT to argue with an irrational person, drunk or otherwise. It is like trying to reason with a 2 year old. And this guy is worse than a 2 yr. old!

    • Maybe if we ignore him (Tso) he will crawl back under his rock.

    • Seems to me the war was started in NYC.

    • Tso, you havew an exaggerated opinion of yourself which is not shared by many on this board. Your statement:

      "You aren't, apparently, intellectually capable of understanding that."

      and similar statements are found in many of your posts over a long period of time.

      Usually, when people are intellectually gifted there is no reason for that person to blow his own horn, so to speak, so I must surmise that you, in constantly posting in such a manner, must find yourself to be inadequate and find it necessary to post this way. Many on this board have found your statements in regard to killing "Texans" offensive, yet you continue to post trying to justify what you said.

      You would do well to stop and think about this post. It was repulsive! Your refusal to offer an apology is repulsive! Your action continues to be repulsive!

      Shape up, or ship the hell out you fu*king loud mouthed oaf!!!

    • How about the "war" if it hits your area...Dorchester/Boston...what's your attitude going to be then oh citizen of the world...???? That your friends/family/neighbors deserved it..??? Bet your tune changes then....

    • Tso - just admit you said some stupid shit and begone with it, deflecting your bull on Pirate has nothing to do with the issue. Learn from Clintons blowjob - admitting you got one isn't half as bad as actually lying about it.

      I certainly cannot defend you wanting Americans dying, no matter where they live. That's like saying that I think Israeli civilian dead is a acceptable quid pro quo to Israely military missile pot shots on palestinian civilians (as they try to kill the real bad guys.)

      Be a man...don't dodge the issue.

    • I say tso is an afterbirth from a mongolian gang-bang. All that agree, "recommend" this post.

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