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  • unclefulbert unclefulbert Nov 4, 2003 11:54 AM Flag

    AstralOvum: Pump & Dump

    Re: JPMorgan upgrades HPQ to Overweight
    by: AstralOvum (35/M)
    Long-Term Sentiment: Sell 11/04/03 10:14 am
    Msg: 241895 of 241937

    You gotta love the analysts:
    AG Edwards upgraded HPQ from "Hold" to "Buy" on August 18th (that day the stock moved up 3%). After the market closed on August 19th, HPQ announced disappointing earnings and at the close of trading on August 20th HPQ closed 11% lower than right after the "upgrade."
    What a difference 48 hours can make.

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    • On the flip side of your group of "pump and dumpers" lives the world of "scorn and scoopers". These folks heap baseless ignominy on a company to drive the price down so that they can "buy low".

      Whichever group dominates can be determined by the net purchases by, say, institutions, which is probably worth a check. The data are a little stale, usually, but indicative to long-term players.

      Or one can just say, when an equity price rises, that it's "pumping and dumping". And when the price falls it is "scorning and scooping". Each makes about as much sense as the other. I would accept "pooping and scooping" as an alternative appellation if you would prefer it.

      HPQ Long

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      • As you have pointed out in different tune, for every buyer there is a seller. The market makers (traders from Merry Lynch, Golden Sachs, Morris Stanley, Sorry Smith and Barney, Rudential, JP Gordon, Lehman Brothels, Dean Whitters, First Boston Fuke, and Bank Amerika) sell when you buy; buy when you sell.

        If Elliot Spitzer's law suits did not teach the dunces out there a damn thing, no help from here.

    • Yes, I understand. I just want it to get to 25, then it can drop all it wants, in fact I am expecting it to. But please lord, let it get to 25 so I can exit out of this insanity. Hey just like on that Diet show. "the definition of insanity, doing the same thing over and over, and expecting a different outcome" Sounds Like HP stock, I want out. Please, Oh please, 25.............

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      • Lady,

        After you get out at $25, where are you gonna put the money? This question has frozen my holdings of different joints since the bubble.

        I think that HPQ is less risky than 12 months ago far as going Chapter 7. However mho is that it will continue to underperform the market as she has, holding tight to the top DOW dog spots for nearly the entire past 3 years. As Carl is steering HP from hi-tech to consumer, there is no pride to be associated with HP any longer. So, I see your point in exiting HPQ sometime in the future.

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