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  • minky5011 minky5011 Dec 16, 2003 10:51 AM Flag

    France Pledges to Reduce Iraq Debt

    "They do owe the USA a lot, don't they?"

    We DID get the statue of Liberty from 'em :)

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    • Actually, we got our independence from France, when they supported us from about 1779 until Cornwallis was defeated @ Yorktown.

      Had France not come in on our side, we would still likely be a Member of the Commonwealth, like Canada & Australia. Washington had little likelihood of winning & along about 1781 was about done. England gave up in 1783, knowing that France was going to enable a non-win for England. After the Declaration of Independence, about 50% of Americans supported and fought for indepence; nearly 50% were tories, who were British sympathizers. The French made the difference to us. Viv� la France!

      BTW, I don't blame them for protecting their own interests.... But, as we know, in the Bush White House, "you're either 100% for us, or you're against us." Unfortunately, in international diplomacy, relationships with our peers (other sovereign countries) comes in almost infinite shades of gray, not the "black & white" which Bush, Cheney, and Rummy seem to recognize.

      Not a good attitude for world leaders to have.

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