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  • stillcenter stillcenter Jan 2, 2004 10:45 AM Flag

    Do we feel safer now?

    Saddam has been captured. He will probably not be tried publicly because that might be embarrassing to the Bushistas. He will be executed and few will shed any tears.

    But what about the War On Terror? You remember, the never-ending, ever more costly war on a concept that justifies steadily increasing US defense expenditures?

    Oh, that war! Well, we are at THREAT CONDITION ORANGE. Oil shipments have been suspended temporarily from Valdez Alaska. Suspicious international airline flights are being halted on short notice.

    Why, after pouring billions into the conquest of Iraq are we no safer? Why are we back to CONDITION ORANGE?

    The answer is that there never was any connction between the conquest of Iraq and the "War On Terror." Only in the minds of frightened and ignorant voters was Saddam related to 9/11. We have our prize in Iraq, so WMD and Al Qaeda ties are no longer important. David Kay, Bush's WMD hunter has quietly resigned. Even the memory of the WMD lie is now fading. The issue just doesn't "resignate" with the public.

    If we don't feel any safer now, it is probably because we are not. But terror is good politics for Bush, so I doubt that we will be feeling safer any time soon.

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    • Vt,

      They are writing the election machine code in India? From what you describe it sounds like the quality of code coming from there.

    • Any person who is either unable to read, get into the building, or blind has the option of bringing a relative with them. If they do that, the relative has to sign an affidavit that states their name, address, etc. and relationship and then an oath that says that they only helped the person vote and that they are who they say they are. If a background check disputes that later, they are in deep doo-doo. If a person is unable to get out of the car, voting is suspended and all voters kept out of the voting area while the inspector goes to the car with a ballot, lets the person vote and then is escorted to the voting device to insert the ballot under the eyes of witnesses. There are several affadavits that have to be signed as well.

    • That was pure hearsay...saw it on TV. Mea Culpa

    • Seems like a very reasonable and basic requirement to me.

    • There are lots of ways for e-voting equipment to fail or be compromised that can not be rectified if there is no permanent hardcopy record of the votes that have been cast. Imagine the impact of a head crash or more serious hw problem that destroys access to voting records near the end of a long voting day. Imagine a programmer who adds a line of code to convert every third vote for a republican to a vote for the green candidate, if one exists. Imagine a hacker who is able to bring a device into the voting booth, gain access to the voting records in the booth, and change them to his/her desire.. Of course, none of these are likely to happen, but all might be possible. Anyone with just a little knowledge of how computers work, should be able to come up with a lot more potential problems with strictly digital ballots.

      Many computer scientists and computer organizations have been very vocally opposed to digital voting equipment like Diebold's. One example is the Association of Computing Machinery, with info here:

      Until there are methods in place to address the ephemeral nature of a digital ballot, I will make sure that my ballot is cast on paper.

    • It's different for each state. It may also be different within each state, I don't know that answer. I wish it was a naitional requirement, with prison terms for violations, both voter & administrator violaters.

    • Just curious, how does your local system accomodate the sight impaired?

      G. Worm

    • I beg your pardon. I must come from a really backward State, but I thought you DID have to have a picture ID to vote...I've seen voters asked to product one at the polls and I always have mine handy in case my busy body neighbor who knows everyone isn't working at the polls that day.

    • If Jeb Bush had been involved in voter freud, George would have won in a landslide. Try thinking for yourself instead of using someone elses internet garbage.

    • Re" One is indelible ink on the right thumb of every one who has already voted. I wonder how the American voter would react to that? "

      I think you mean how would the liberal voter react to that. It was proposed to have a photo ID as a requirement to vote. It was the liberal democrats that screamed, because is would significantly reduce their voter fraud. YOu have to have a photo ID to chash a check, it seems like a good idea to me to have the same requirement to vote.

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