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  • stillcenter stillcenter Jan 11, 2004 2:33 PM Flag

    Trusting a liar

    It is very important to decode what Bushista chimps mean when they say that they "trust" Bush. They do not mean that they believe that he is honest; what they mean is that they believe that he will act in their interests. For example, they believe that he will act to keep gas cheap, no matter what kind of dirty little wars have to be fought to achieve that goal.

    That is why, as each day brings fresh revelations of Bush's deeply dishonest and manipulative approach to launching the Iraq war, Bushistas are reaffirming their trust in their Texas gangster President. Like a good gang boss, they trust him to look out for his gang members and to limit his crimes to outsiders.

    Cheap gas, snowmobiles in Yellowstone, executed convicts, a Gulag for our enemies, and low taxes for the wealthy. Bush can be trusted to deliver all these things, and he will be as dishonest as necessary to fulfill his trust.

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    • As a "Bushista" I credit Bush with two things:

      First he reduced my taxes. My taxable income (gross pay less all the itemized deductions and personal exemptions) for 2003 was $67,921. My 2004 taxes, which reflect Bush's tax reductions, will be $10,601. I ran the same numer through the 1999 tax table and the taxable income for $67,921 that year was 13,437. So Bush has saved my family $13,437 - $10,601 = $2,836. As you can see from the numbers we are right at the median average income in the United States, so the average family has benefit about as much as we have. Bush's tax cuts put money in the pockets of us middle-classers, not just the wealthy like the Dems claim.

      Secondly, and more importantly, Bush has kept the country safe from follow-on terrorist attacks. Whether you like his pre-emptive strike on Iraq or not the fact is that we have not been attacked, and that is all that matters to voters like me. Bush also makes one proud to be an American. He doesn't run around dissing the country like Democrats do and sucking up to tin-horn dictators like Fidel Castro and Quaddafi at the UN as Dems do.

      George Bush is an American President for the American people. He has protected our country and the economic interests of the middle-class working families who are the backbone of this country. We will remember that in the election.

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      • Amarillo

        I'm glad that the "tax cut" put $2800+ in your pocket. When your job is offshored, that will cover about 1 month while you're waiting for your Wal-Mart application to be processed.

        You should understand that the "tax cut" you are discussing is NOT a tax cut! It's a tax deferment, which will be repaid at some time in the future, possibly by your children, in a lower standard of living, broken infrastructure (car-sized potholes, inadequate water supplies, power blackouts, poor medical care, failing colleges & schools, etc.) But not to worry. Anyone who expresses unhappines at his poor lifestyle will be taken in & "reeducated" into understanding that "everything is perfect" about his life (could be drug-induced happiness).

        As our law-enforcement bureaus grow, they'll exercise more oversight of your life, too. I can just see you being called into your boss's office & asked about your stomach problems (you take Tums occasionall) & what you're doing about your diarrhea. You will be asked about the reasons you exceeded the speed limit 7 times last month, & why you had red meat for dinner 1 more time than recommended by the Diet Commission. There will be questions, also, about the subject you accessed on the web, & why you are interested in a topic which should be of no concern to you.

        But, you can take comfort in knowing that your government has your best interests in protecting you from all of these negative things which could detract from your happiness & peace of mind. Here, have another pill - it's provided at little cost by an excellent biotech company....

      • Amarillo:
        If there is a $500 billion deficit for this year, and there are 120 million tax payers (give or take) then There Is $4,200 of debt created to finance your average $3000 more in disposable income. The $4,200 in extra debt to finance your (average as you say) bears interest each year (i.e. it grows) and is the fools paradise you Republicans cannot seem to come to grips with. Who is a conservative here?


      • That tax calcuation was just for income taxes. Myself and my employer paid another $12,852 in FICA/MC taxes, so my total tax burden for 2003 was $10,601 + 12,852 = $23,453. This is 28% of my income and that is just for Federal taxes. The state income tax and property taxes, sales taxes, etc. are on top of that and probably took out another 15% of my income

        Working people like me are sick and tired of paying that much of our income to fund the Democrat's welfare programs that pay deadbeats not to work. We are tired of it and will not stand for it any longer. The tax-raising Democrats just make me want to puke my guts out every time one of them opens their mouths and says that we're not paying enough taxes.

        I am sure that this is the case of all honest working Americans regardless of whether they make $30,000 a year or $30,000,000

      • Thanks for validating my assertion. As long as the Chimp-in-Chief stuffs dollars in your pocket and shows you America kicking ass, you don't care how he gets his results. You are a man who is willing to be led by a gangster, as long as he takes good care of you and your family. Guess what? That makes you a gangster too.

        If you had the intelligence to locate the mute button on your TV remote, you would understand that dishonesty is not a directional phenomenon. A dishonest man is fundamentally untrustworthy, no matter how cunningly he connives with those whose immediate support he needs.

        Enjoy the ride; it's a long way down.

    • still....... why don't you answer the question that Pirate posed to you?

      Which one is lying? Clark or Dean - you know, about Clark being offered the VP job.

    • Maybe we should hit the ball, and not the guy who hits the ball. This is kind of like verbal tennis, is it not??


    • still....... why don't you answer the question that Pirate posed to you?

      Which one is lying? Clark or Dean - you know, about Clark being offered the VP job.

    • Don't even waste your time still!

      Only in America can you take the crooks, add in the dummies, and you get a majority!

      HAHAHAHA, +726% gain in two years! Oh that's too good!!

      And working a $60k job at the same time! HAHAHA!

      Armadildo is the poster child for Bush's America!!!


    • My guess is that a VP offer was made from Dean's camp to Clark. It is good for Dean, very bad for Clark. None are lying, as Dean himself made no such offer. I'll vote for Dean! LOL!

      << Which one is lying? Clark or Dean - you
      << know, about Clark being offered the VP job.

    • Stillcenter, you are an intriguing personality. You claim to be concerned about the "average" American yet when you hear the story about those average Americans like me who are prospering it drives your crazy. Well, there are a lot more Americans like me who are prospering than those who aren't. It sounds to me like you are the one who is living a life of desperation. Perhaps you don't have enough money to cover the rent of your New York apartment. Most of us are doing OK though.

      You say that we will pay the price for our current prosperity in future years, but you really don't know that, do you? For all you know the prosperity we are enjoying now will last for many more years and will get better, not worse.

      Maybe your problem is that you don't know the "average" America. Have you ever been east of the Hudson? You are just like Howard Dean. You think the "average" American is some kind of idiot who drives a pick up truck with a Confederate flag on the bumper sticker, drinking a six-pack and throwing the empty cans out the window, then going home to a trailer with pictures of Elvis Presley and Jesus Christ on the walls.

      Even if the above were an accurate characterization of the typical American and the Bush supporter, I would still prefer it to people like you. The truth is that the "average" American is doing fine, thank you very much, and is greatful that we live in a secure and prosperous land thanks in part to President Bush.

    • It looks like you are the one who doesn't know how to make money, and are envious on one who does, just like a typical liberal. I myself am up over 900% in my investments in the past 15 months. I have even posted some of my investments, and there are plenty pf people with far greater gains than either of us. I swing trade, a great way to make money, unless you are stupid. If you are stupid, then I am making money off you.
      Amarillo armadillo, congrats on good investing. There will always be idiots & liberals who don't want you making money, without them getting a cut.

    • You have the audacity to post another message after the whopper you told!?!?!

      It's ironic that the subject of this thread is, "Trusting a liar."


      726% gain in two years!!!!!


      That's good!!!!

      Don't you have to clean your room and prepare your homework for school tomorrow junior?


    • I made my first 150K in the market in less than 90 days. My port was worth $46K on October 15 2001. In January 2002 it was worth $196K.

      I did it by buying into a software integration company whose products I use called Mercator (MCTR). I had followed this stock for years and watched it decline from an all-time high of $146 in 2000 to $.95 (ninety-five cents) in October 2002. When it came off the low of $.95 I bought 10K shares at $1.50 and 9.5K shares at $2.50 and sold them on the way up to $10.12 and back down to $5.85. So I made most of money during 90 days. If I remember correctly the NAZ recovered from 1200 to 1900 during that period (October 2001 to January 2002) so it was quite a remarkable period. Then the NAZ fell back from 1950 to 1150 from January 2002 to October 2002 before rallying again. You can check the numbers for yourself.

      I used to post on the MCTR board and you could verify the story except that MCTR was aquired last year by another company at $3.00and MCTR is no longer in existence. Anyone who is familiar with MCTR can verify that I am telling the truth about the company.

      My port lost much of its value during the 2002 bear market. But I gained it all back + 134K more in 2003 when I owned EVOL, XING, SINA,SOHU, NTES, and TENF among others. You can find my posts on those boards from May 2003 till present and verify that I am telling the truth.

      Again, the key was staying out of the market until after 9/11 and then jumping back in near the bottom and buying depressed growth stocks which have risen spectacularly. I trippled my money in SINA, SOHU, NTES, EVOL, and XING. I still own 2,380 shares of SINA.

      BTW these figures are just for the personal SEP-IRA which I created as a business owner and manage for myself. I also have a corporate IRA account that is managed for me that are in diversified funds that are accumualing about $20K per year, so I doing well in diversified funds also.

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