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  • lmams98 lmams98 Jan 13, 2004 12:42 PM Flag

    Calcutta Carly

    Calcutta Carly first moves jobs to India and now to Singapore. Does this woman realize that she is an American citizen ? Obviously, she loves other countries better than the USA. What's next, outsourcing jobs to the West Bank !

    Sell this POS Stock Fast and put Carly out of commission for good.

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    • Hey Sewer Ellen,

      We all know you have your face so far up Carly's ass, its not even funny anymore. Carly has spread this company too thin and there is no longer any focus.

      I just got back from buying some supplies at Staples and was talking to one of the Sales Reps who sells PCs, Printers and accessories. I noticed HPQ Junk on their shelves, and he said, and I quote "I hate HP, there service is horrible. If people want to buy HP, then its there for them, but I would never recommend their equipment".

      As for Carly, she is corporate whore who only cares about herself. She forgets that its the employees who are the ones who do the work day in and day out.

    • To be honest, I would take profits from HPQ now and find something better. I look at the current price and realize, that the last time HPQ was in this price range; there were 1 Billion less shares, only 2 billion in debt, and 6 Billion cash, with overall earnings per share relevantly the same. Looks like a good time to sell.

    • To be honest, I would take profits from HPQ now and find something better.

    • well, you're the one that asked.

    • Ah, but I have lots of time.

    • Or the flip side (and I may be treading in shbron's territory here): It's like having a great wine and then comparing it to other great wines of a similar variety so that you understand the nuances of the one you just drank.

      Or a wonderful meal...

      Or maybe you might view the comparison as a vehicle to understand what happened since the tech bubble of 1999. You never know when you will have to apply that experience again, do you?

      I guess you tend to look at things negatively if your own experiences have been negative. My experiences in the stock market have been overwhelmingly positive, even including HWP and HPQ. But a mugging...? Do you voluntarily pay to be mugged? I wasn't mugged.

    • All those numbers and dates made me dizzy: they weren't worth my time.

      I try to keep my focus on the here-and-now, the good in everyone of us -- even those of us who are bitter and sour, vulgar and accusatory, those of us who torment themselves by flitting numbers and dates about in their heads, and contorting their bodies in angst over past losses that will never be recovered.

    • Your posts are becoming so vulgar that they're beginning to make me cringe. First you call be a nit-wit, then you resort to rhetorical lewdness in an effort to intimidate me.

      I use to think you were one of the more civil malcontents on this board; but a darker, more twisted side of your character is coming out. Oh if only your fellow co-workers at HP knew what went on behind those eyeballs of yours!

      P.S. I think you owe me an apology.

    • victor writes: "LOL! My dog could do better with HP than Carly. Hell, he is even house-trained."

      MBAs don't get house training. that's why they are admired in India.


    • sue writes: "she isn't some donkey you're entitled to pin the tail of your own greed and folly on. "

      if only she could rise to a level of a donkey...

      but as z says...oh well...


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