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  • its_only_busine55 its_only_busine55 Feb 24, 2004 9:01 PM Flag

    Liberal Philosophy

    Let's review point by point:

    As an avowed card-carrying liberal, I'm pleased that we --
    a. put people ahead of money

    no, you put the majority of people who want money, above the minority who has money. If you have it your way: total economic equality, so that no one is offended or too envious, all incentives for work are annihilated and society degrades into a socialist dictatorship, ala Soviet Union, or China

    b. put fairness ahead of bigotry

    Economic "fairness" is illusory and never achiavable even with the heaviest regulations. Life is unfair, get used to it. The extraordinary concentration of government power that is needed enforce economic "fairness" leads to horrendous abuses that negate any utility of the resulting "fairness"
    Everyone is equal before the law, this is truely fair. Everyone is entitled to the same economic benefits - this is unfair and ridiculous.

    c. believe that all children in this richest of country should have medical care

    This is false compassion. Liberals hate real poor people and real sick and unfortunate children world wide: billions of them. They hate when corporations create jobs for cheap labor abroad, and they hate when fruits of their labor are sold in America. Liberals only care about *their own* children: obese, spoiled and comprising 1% of world population.

    Liberals and some conservatives solve the problem of poverty in a very straightforward way: by closing the borders and protecting their "god-given" territory from those who are hundreds of times worse off financially and hundreds of times more numerous.

    No government can provide free healthcare, safe retirement, and free education to every resident when immigration is free and open. These entitlements can only exist in a closed society.

    this country is the richest exactly because entitlements are minimal. Absolute rights for some always turn out to be disincentives and an unbearable burden for others. Societies where entitlements are absolute and unquestionable: free healthcare, free higher education, safe retirement for everyone, never become the richest. Take Soviet Union or Sweden for example. How many would like to live there? Very few. How many continue to extoll the vurtues of absolute unquestionable entitlements? Tens of millions of liberals in this country.

    e. put workers ahead of corporate CEOs

    This is equivalent to kicking a gift horse. A job is not a right, it is a gift. If you don't like a CEO or a corporation, don't work there. Create your own job. Can't create your own job? Then don't whine and don't blame those who can

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