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  • lucky7charm lucky7charm Jul 6, 2004 4:52 PM Flag

    Edwards the Trial Lawyer

    ooooo. I hadn't thought of it like that. You may have given us a whole new line to run with Stillcenter. He keeps pounding that we think that God is talking through Bush so we must assume that he believes that babies can talk through that called "channeling"?'s dead people. But then, the pro-abortion crowd says that these aren't live human beings and if a human being isn't alive, then it is dead...yeah, Edwards believes in "channeling". Oh my gosh! He is part of the occult! :-)

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    • I really try to stay out of the abortion argument. I feel it's a decision that effects women (mostly, for a married couple the man is involved, too), maybe we should let them decide the issue. How the political parties turned it into a campaign issue is still a mystery to me. Can you be a pro-choice Republican? I'm not sure. Late-term abortion? I'm against it, make up your mind when you first find out. Tough one.


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