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  • yahoo yahoo May 6, 2005 2:02 AM Flag

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    • Apparently you are so worried, you can't spell.
      Keep plugging the exagerated bad news and you will
      convince yourself that you are right. You however will be
      one of the very few that you can convince.

      Can you hear it? Can you hear the doubt or is it
      drowned out by the laughter? Your dishonesty, attempts to
      mislead and take advantage of others through your
      postings leaves no pity. Exposure and failure is your just
      reward. But please don't go away until you have confessed
      your loss.

    • Level II shows buyers coming in by the dozens - shorts - beware!

    • wish you good luck on covering at 70. My
      questions about your 2000 shares short are, what price did
      you sell at and when do you bail? I have to admit,
      that I really want to know how much loss you will
      tolerate before you bail. I bet you are out and never
      heard from again before a $10 per share loss.

      Due to your arrogance and lying, a personal flaw of
      mine will have me laughing when you bail.

    • no woory for shorts. corporate sale has slowed, pc as well as servers and services. Remember the 2 million intel cpu cancellation?

    • lies? "Everyone on the street knows it but the
      poor little guys reading this thread". Perhaps what
      everyone on the street knows is wrong. Ever think of that?
      Where would I prefer my information to come from. The
      street? Frankly I would trust the "poor little guys" on
      this "thread" more than any information on the street,
      Wall Street or any other street. There are "poor
      little guys" here doing the business and very much more
      in the know. You just keep listening to the street.
      You have been playing this adolescent scare tactic
      too long. You believe your self. Good, enjoy the
      failure of your scare and the pain of your short.

    • AsshortasTatoo, I'm not trying to shake your
      confidence in your short position. All I am saying is that
      we will see mid to low 90s before it moves back down
      again. Remember you have until mid Nov to get your
      earnings report. There is a boatload of money to be made
      between now and then. I trade......

    • trying to scare people out of their
      investment(s). Many of the "poor little guys" on this thread are
      employees which have more knowledge than those on Wall
      Street. Go take your boo hoo scare tactics and go trick
      or treating to the Dell shareholders - there the
      one's who would get crushed by low sales of an
      exclusive product line - not this bird.

    • has slowed. You will read about it soon in WSJ.
      Everyone on the street knows it but the poor little guys
      reading this thread.

      Headline " insider at major
      boxmaker confirms rumor American corporations having
      completed y2k upgrade have ceased pc procurement for the
      rest of 1999. PC sales in the 4th quarter could drop
      off sharply, as much as 50 %."

      TRUST ME

    • LOL! Looks like a real rally in the making, level II shaping up nicely

    • Nothinglike a good lawsuit disputet to really rev
      up the buying

      Sell this dog before you lose another 30%. Most of you
      should be up significantly on the year,why be greedy.
      You'll hate yourself in the morning when its at 70.

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