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  • yahoo yahoo May 6, 2005 3:35 AM Flag

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    • hey liberal whackjob.

      Wilson left Davis with a big fat goof ball.

      My how you history revisionists amaze me.

    • people living in the US over extended periods of time that dont have US citizenship or work visas are here illegally

      davis wants to issue licences to undocumented workers who are here illegally

      its really pretty simple

      "Illegals don't want to have anything to do with the government"

      you know less than nothing about california.

    • Not illegals - LEGALS idiot.

      Illegals don't want to have anything to do with the government.

      If companies like HP and Oracle and PG&E paid their fair share of the burden of doing business in America/California then there wouldn't be such a problem. But the corporations don't pay their fairshare of keeping the country running. So the country/California is falling apart, jobs being exported off shore, Americans/Californians being put out of work at record numbers.

      But thats the way you guys want it. Tear down the structure that was in place and working. Point to the destruction like it was a failure, and swear we'll never go back to that again. Imagine. If we hadn't had the Bush tax cut and the Cheney energy conspiracy, California might have been much less in the red right now.

      But lets not look at what Cheney was doing, let's blame it on Davis. The people might get upset if they find out the truth.

    • you are completely out of your mind...they were talking rebates before pete left office....and the surplus was upwards of was 9 and change

      Ive lived here 30 years....I know what Im talking about, obviously you dont

    • Part of the problem is in the facts.

      Arnold says he will spend more on education if elected. MOre than who, Davis?

      Davis raised educations spending by over 38% over the last 5 years.

      The facts are on Davis' side.

      Now if you just don't like him because of his persuasion that is another story. I suspect that is probably what the problem is in you and most of the recall effort. Your side lost and you want to get another bite at the apple. Well, you got it. You guys better fix it pretty fast or there might be another recall in another 6 months.

      That is your real problem.

    • "not really

      I think one could easily say that with the loss of over 4.5m jobs in this country, Bush would have to take the blame for those losses on his own."

      how do you figure that?
      Bush, as pirate has rightly pointed out has increased spending in virtually every aspect of government which would certainly add jobs and not lose them...wouldnt it?

      davis is running businesses out of california with regulations, a broken workmans comp program and illegal actions such as tripling the DMV fees...and putting the country at risk by issuing drivers licences to illegal aliens

    • Davis DID state during the election that the budget was "fine"...then after his re-election, came out and said that there was a $38B shortfall.

      In otherwords, he lied to get re-elected and now he's mad that people want him out of office.

    • Now I know that isn't true.

      I lived in California when Wilson left office. There was NO talk of rebates at that time.

      The biggest problem at that time was the illegals entering the state. Wilson wanted to make it the big issue, but that also turned out to be pretty much unsupported by fact.

      That is the right wing way. Throw out a lie, and yell about it as if it were fact.

    • not really

      I think one could easily say that with the loss of over 4.5m jobs in this country, Bush would have to take the blame for those losses on his own.

      There is a big difference between Bush and Davis in that some of the things Bush did to the economy had a very marked effect on California in a vengeful way, and Davis is taking the beating Bush should rightfully be taking.

      But the problem is not just with Caliofornia, it is in almost every state in the union. Next year will be a monster for states, and most govenors will point to Washington as the blame.

      Revenues are down in every state. Mostly due to the ecconomy being so slugish, with no inspiraton from the White House. All we hear from there is war, so there is no driving force to bring recovery. The states are suffering, it will show next year on all state faces, not just California.

    • wison left state office with a 9Billion dollar surplus....they were talking about tax rebates in california less than a year into davis' first term

      davis in 5 years went from a 9 Billion dollar surplus to a 38 to 44 Billion dollar defacit

      what it boils down to is that he spent between 47 and 53 more dollars than he should have

      money doesnt grow on trees and he looking for the people to pay for his incompetence

      if davis were not in office we could prosecute the energy companys for fraud...but because davis was an accomplice to the event he cant do it without getting himself in trouble too

      thats just for starters

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