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  • shbron shbron Jun 14, 2005 7:49 PM Flag

    Hurd a hero?


    Seems like just yesterday Carly was on the pedestal and hailed as the second coming ...

    My. my some people never learn HPQ is a dinosaur and is in a death spiral. The only thing Hurd will do is follow Carly's example and loot the vault.

    Fools, let it go HPQ is going to the DEC and CPQ burial grounds.

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    • Pirate,
      Sounds like great fun. The rest of us are jealous! It sounds as if this is really earth shattering for the islanders. That is too bad. Heh. Did you catch that the oldest was a Top 10 finalist? It was pretty exciting. She did a wonderful job. We were proud.

    • Pirate, thanks for the post and keep us informed if you can.

      I keep wondering if the dutch kid's father hasn't interfered to the extent it has stalled the investigation. Another thing is the media frenzy, reporting the same things as if they are new, and why the chaperones have not been mentioned. Damn, seems to me that they were probably paid to chaperone, either in cash or tickets, etc. and to let a young girl go into a bar and get that drunk, and then being able to leave with persons at that time of night would be unthinkable.

      In any event, enjoy your vacation.

    • Truth will eventually be found. They will be fine. Never been to Aruba, but I love those islands.

    • Maybe the extra publicity will end up helping them with more tourists.

      Sure is an Agatha. Must admit I am curious as hell about the possibilities.

    • "Fools, let it go HPQ is going to the DEC and CPQ burial grounds."

      I don't buy that! HP is a good company that has been mismanaged for the past five or so years. They make very good products, and will continue to do so. What they have needed is good leadership. Hurd could be that, and he should be given that chance. It takes a long time to right a ship as big as HP and time will tell. There is, in my opinion a very good chance they will not only survive, but prosper - and the shareholders that hang in there will do very well. Don't look for it tomorrow or next week. Think long term!!

      • 2 Replies to cpo82002
      • >>Don't look for it tomorrow or next week. Think long term!!<<

        I am afraid that Wall Street and investors don't understand the concept of "long-term" anymore. The focus has been on quarter-to-quarter for so long that immediate gratification seems to be the accepted way of life. I, like you, think that HP is a great company that has been mismanaged and am hoping that what I have seen of Mark Hurd is just shades of things to come. But investors are going to have to get out of this "I want a 20% return on my investment like in the '90's" mindset. It wasn't real then and it ain't gonna happen now.

      • That should be there mission. Its the only part that pays off, has a large on-going service revenue, and has great appeal to the upper tier of customers.

        Besides, it takes people with experience, integrity and brains to pull it off. HP has those.

    • I am not a big fan of HP. Saw my options/retirement go underwater. That is very personal. But, Hurd is making decisive moves with the PCS/IPG split, hiring from the outside, moving Winkler aside, and managing Wall Street fairly well. So far he has earned our support. Right?, or are you on this board just to cause a train wreck?

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