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  • maxhubris maxhubris Jul 28, 2005 10:06 AM Flag

    CAFTA and HPQ!!

    Tens of thousands more jobs to be lost...did you call call/write Congress?? No! You sat on your asses and did nothing...just bitched about being laid-off. Bush intends to bring in millions more illegals for cheap labor and help more and more companies outsource YOUR jobs!
    Where will you work? At Wal-Mart or Burger-King?? You did shut up and just accept that you are going to lose your home, your SUV, your HDTV!!! Fools...

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    • Not me. Second career coming up soon. Has nothing to do with the High tech industry, pay... the same. Just have to know how to do other things than sit on your ass, making PP slide presentations, or evaluating someone or something, to put into a redundant report that is basically useless to the business. The people who actually have a skill other than white collar management will land on thier feet.

    • the_amarillo_armadillo the_amarillo_armadillo Jul 28, 2005 11:15 AM Flag

      Did you ever consider the possibility that increased trade with the CAFTA countries will enable them to buy more HP products and increase the number of jobs based here? You are only looking at what you think is the negative side of the equation. CAFTA may also reduce the number of illegals coming here by raising the wages in those countries.

      It is very difficult to sort out the positives and negatives of free trade, but we are doing the right thing in accepting it.

    • Yes. You have that right! I was one of the few who did write and express concern. Now I am an official bigot because I showed concern for my country and wrote my representatives. Here's a quote:

      "We've given away textiles. We've given away steel. We've given away fruits and vegetables," Melancon said. "Now let's just go ahead and give away everything and be dependent on every other country for our food and our defense."

      But at least we will have family values. Thank God for the religeous right and the Christian Fundamentalists. Let the crusade continue and let the Republicans will remain in office.

      Remember, being unemployed is now considered your patriotic duty. You're helping our national defence by being unemployed and letting the Central Americans, Asians, Mexicans, and all the other people of the world have your job and your Grand-Childrens job. Think how safe our country will be when there is nothing here worth bombing or taking. I feel more secure already :-)

      I would like to close by thanking our elected representatives for representing the voters of this country. We voted you in to represent us. you've certainly shown your true colors and reaffirmed everything that I've said. My suspicions were correct. Our country IS being run by TRAITORS.

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      • myjobwasoutsourced,

        Ditto here. BTW Between CAFTA and GSAVE, we are in for a very interesting ride. CAFTA really mean s "Can Ammericans, Futures Tranferred to Asia" and GSAVE or GeorgeSAVE "Global Struggle Against Violent Extremism".

        After all, we had our first Our first Black President, now we have our first Hispanic President, can we now expect our first ? President.

        Remember the War is over, anything can happen.

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