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  • democrats_r_jackasses democrats_r_jackasses Jan 27, 2009 2:16 PM Flag

    Suicide watch caused by liberals and Democrats

    Liberals and Democrats are just a milder version of social communism. The Democratic Party is rife with these elitist and people who cannot gain success or power for themselves because they lack the intelligence and/or drive to do it.

    The losers of the world naturally levitate towards the party to be championed by some power crazy elitist seeking to control a group so they can prey on them such as the poor and minorities. These liberals the ones that are the blind to the truth socialist elitist, who gain power over more traditional people and steal their money through taxes and laws that benefit themselves not the people they supposedly represent and champion. They keep the balk of it for themselves in salaries for social workers, leftist intellectuals, and of course liberal bureaucrats and then redistribute what remains to their favorite minority groups.

    The liberal elitist continually tries to minimize the influence of religious groups by suppressing their influence. These are the same people who hate to see one business getting ahead of another. So they use anti-trust legislation to try to bring down the more efficient companies who actually supply people with what they need and want.

    This same socialist egalitarian mindset is also hard at work to undercut the natural order of the family by forcing people to accept homosexuality as a legitimate alternative to heterosexuality.

    Bleeding heart liberal elitist are always trying to free as many criminals as possible thinking that criminals are not really that bad or evil, they are only simply deprived or alienated people with bad childhoods.

    What is funny is that if liberal elitist were subject to the same policies as what they force on the rest of us, usually through the courts, they would be outraged and screaming bloody hell over it. Most elitist have the money and social standing to insulate themselves against the ill-effects of what they create on society so why should they care.

    The liberal elites also expect blind obedience and loyalty by its ignorant followers and marginalized minorities to retain power for themselves. If a member of a minority has the courage to challenge the liberal elitists for control they quickly find out that the liberal is not quit so liberal after all. Hell has no furry as a liberal elitist Democrat scorned and challenged. Consider Barbara Walters slamming of Star Jones when she simply informed the public about her leaving “The View”. Or, the Clintons reminding blacks about who really implemented civil rights, liberals such as LBJ and themselves, not MLK and the likes of Barrack Obama. Observe how the liberal elitist fume and hate everything conservatives such as Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity represent so hence the fairness doctrine to silence them. Whether liberal or conservative if you oppose the elitist you will be crushed. Whether you call them Democrats or Liberals or, both they are all myopic and stupid in their view of things. If this is the future of American with them then we are all heading into a suicidal black abyss of failure and ruination.

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