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  • jokfun jokfun Jul 25, 2010 8:38 PM Flag

    How is HP Queen Carley doing against Boxer??

    "among independents"? Maybe among the HOPELESS!!

    The HOPELESS voting for Fiorina sounds about right.

    To be frnak with you, I dislike the woman, and I believe she does not deserve one single vote.

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    • jok ... lets set the record straight

      there has been a lot of clamor on this message board about carly and the compaq merger

      ztruth be known, carly wanted to strike a licensing deal with michael capellas and mc said no ... mc proposed a merger and carly said ok with provisos

      what were the provisos, well

      carly had to be the kingpin, 2nd to none

      the old-timers on this message board KNOW that carly was not a team builder ... she was a team destroyer

      u either did it carly’s way or u took the highway

      well, we have enuf of a dysfunctional government ... does our great country need another prima-donna who is unable to compromise and requires *my-way or the highway* loyalty

      carly couldn’t work with the mccain-palin crowd without getting in trouble ... shes a loner and a 2nd place finisher

      just ztruth quelling a carly myth and telling why a vote for carly would be a vote to continue doin-nuthin

      CARLY IS NOT A TEAM BUILDER ... thats just the plain and simple truth

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      • z.truth. I know something about Carly; I even listened in person to one of her awful speeches. While ago, you posted some "original" opinions about Carly which turned many people against you. You have done it just to make people mad (I hope you did not believed she is intelligent), I do not know. Many HP old-timers will not forgive your position on Carly; never. Accept it, nothing you can do now about it.

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