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  • esadmfs esadmfs Dec 26, 2010 7:16 PM Flag

    80% of USA already has net access - HP's glory days are over!

    80% of the population in the USA is already on the net..


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    • Yeah, and everything that ever will be invented has been invented already! In fact it happened a few years ago so these new things like 4G cell phones actually aren't inventions but something to do with the tea party I think. When HP was still primarily making oscilloscopes, and branched into building computers from their instrumentation roots the pundits said they would die on the vine. Was that you? You gibberish spouting moron. 80% of USA already having net access has more to do with your stupidity and inability to think without googling first rather than anything to do with HP's future.

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      • WRT: "..Yeah, and everything that ever will be invented has been invented already.."

        Moore's Law is the difference.

        How long did the 2g, 3g, phones stay a hot item with a huge profit margin?

        Certainly not for decades like the old HP oscilloscopes. When HP was making scopes they were a leader. Today they are a follower chasing after apple and others in a game of catch-up. By the time HP finds a company to buy out and catch up (i.e. palm, slate, net books) the market is pretty well saturated and the easy money is gone. They have no R&D it's all been laid-off.

        What's HP created lately?

        A printer with more dots per inch to enable you to waste that $150 dollar an ounce ink? ha!

        This ship has no rudder and the captain is desperately seeking other companies to buy and layoff the people to show a paper profit.

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