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  • unclefulbert unclefulbert Jan 12, 2011 10:06 AM Flag

    Russia and IBM implements obamacare

    e-HC records:

    Russian Hospitals Digitize Medical Information, Improve Access to Patient Data With IBM Technology 01/11 11:18 AM

    ARMONK, N.Y., Jan. 11, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- IBM (IBM:$148.22,00$0.9400,0.64%) announced today that multiple hospitals throughout Russia have switched from paper-based medical systems to a new solution from IBM (IBM:$148.22,00$0.9400,0.64%) and Complex Medical Information Systems (C-MIS) to provide fast electronic medical record exchange and unified access to many types of healthcare data, allowing doctors and medical staff to share information and access tests and lab results instantly to improve decision making.

    Designed to help hospitals use all their information more effectively and provide patients higher quality care, the system was first used at the Municipal S.Z. Fisher Hospital No. 1 in Volzhsky in the Volgograd region of Russia. Similar projects are now underway at other public hospitals throughout Russia including Leningrad, Kirov, Pskov and Vladimir regions, Republics of Khakassia and Udmurtia, Perm Territory and Moscow.
    The need for new health information technology throughout Russia was driven by stricter medical information requirements, the need for more secure access to patient information, and growing paperwork that takes doctors away from caring for patients. In addition, concerns about data reliability and the need to consistently share information throughout hospitals has made the new hospital automation system built on the IBM Lotus Notes Domino platform an important requirement for these hospitals.
    "The solution developed by IBM (IBM:$148.22,00$0.9400,0.64%) and C-MIS helps solve numerous problems," said Roman Novitsky, CEO of Complex Medical Information Systems. "First, it provides a single electronic tool for control, accounting and planning which leads to improved operation and higher quality of service. Second, the solution consolidates all medical, administrative and financial processes, thus creating a unified information space at the hospital."
    In addition to digitizing and providing access to electronic patient records, it also helps automate many business processes throughout the hospital such as work scheduling for doctors, nurses and staff, scheduling medical exams and house calls, as well as automating temporary disability registrations. Document exchange automation enables performance monitoring and helps prevent submission of inaccurate information about healthcare institutions to Russia's Healthcare Committee. It also ensures secure data exchange and enhances interaction among medical workers to help improve quality and effectiveness of medical service.


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    • That's not exactly what I said. I don't particularly care one way or another whether or not the government or some private consortium creates a national database of medical records or whether they don't create it.

      I do think it's another one of those bogus "panaceas" (like embryonic stem research) that a certain group of Liberals latches on to as the holy grail of medical technology that they think will heal the sick and raise the dead. On the other hand, I don't see any harm in doing it.

      But I was curious from a philosophical viewpoint as to why Billy and some others who went bonkers over the telephone data mining and the national ID card are so gung-ho on having a national medical records database.

    • Guess this was why they were studying Russian in a Liberal college while the USA was in a cold war with the USSR?

      Now you know why Obammy's legal name is Vladmir.

      • 1 Reply to obama_iz_a_traitor
      • So let me get this straight??? If we teach students Russian, we are promoting communism. If we teach students German, we are promoting Fascism. If we teach students Arabic, we are promoting Muslim extremist. If we teach students science we are promoting atheism... If I remember right, didn't the Chinese communist dispose of all the intellectuals when the communist came to power... and Paul Pots the same in Cambodia?

    • So... getting to the nitty gritty, does this bode well for IBM? I hear a lot of complaints from hospital staff about antiquated software, nurses and doctors spending as much time on their computers as they do with patients. And each hospital group seeming to have their own software and implementation.

    • In World War II, Russian soldiers having never seen an electric light bulb or a water faucet. Discovering them in German cities, they carefully removed and packed them to carry back to their homes, unaware they needed to be connected to modern infrastructure.

      Fast forward: They are now ahead of us in medical information management. Why?

      A for-profit health care system has one objective: profit. Medical information has two parts: billing and wellness. In the US, the billing part is automated, the wellness part is not.

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