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  • esadmfs esadmfs May 13, 2011 5:07 PM Flag

    No not whos check should bounce first -- Which corporate tax break should go first instead!!


    No-one in the media even mentions that spending, the spending on corporate tax breaks.

    So I ask you instead which corporate tax break subsidy goes first?

    The country can't run for free or only on the backs of the middle class, min-wage, part-time, temporary WalMart worker that this countries free trade and illegal immigration policies have created.

    Look at the corporation wind falls. Stop looking at the Teachers, and the Social Security recipients, the people in poverty.

    These corporation have billions to throw around for campaign contributions so let them give up their tax breaks to contribute.

    GM, AIG, the investment banks, the airlines...etc.. The taxpayers already bailed them out numerous times so the CEO's and exec's could maintain their million dollar lifestyles as they off shored the living wage workforce. Heh, what did you expect was going to happen?!

    No, start asking which corporations are going to give up their tax break checks first!.

    Motorola just got $100 million from Illinois. Sears is not begging AGAIN after getting a $240 million dollar tax break over the last 22 years that is finally running out and THEY WANT IT RENEWED!!! in Illinois..

    Continental Tire just got $9 million....

    Washington and the stats hands back this income like big spenders, then turns around and reneges on their workers pension promises claiming they can't afford it? Hey they promised it! No-one put a gun to their head to make these promises. No-one put a gun to their head to give back tax revenue income that creates a self inflicted crisis.

    I'll tell you what. Try pulling what the government is doing at home.

    Give your paycheck back to your employer and then tell the credit card company that you can't pay them because you don't have the money.

    Tell your bill collectors that if you make your employer pay you that it will hurt jobs.

    Tell you bill collector that if you stop giving back the money that you earned to your employer that they will pick up and move out of the country where the CEO profits are better.

    Finally, tell your credit card company to raise your credit limit so that you can pay your other bills, spend and grow the nations GDP..

    Yeah, see how that works! The best and brightest are doing just that. Don't be stupid and fall for the you have to work and earn and pay your borrowed money back. No you don't. Look at the investment banks.

    The investment banks got a bailout, a do over. No-one went to jail. Their credit was not ruined to never borrow again. It's all hype isn't it? At least a double standard or a myth.

    We're living under one huge economic ponzi scam -- wake up!

    People scrambling to make more US dollars and hoard them and one man, just one man the Fed chairmen making those horded dollars less valuable.

    Think about it!

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    • You have no understanding of what makes the economy run. Lets ask a simple much of a dollar does an oil company typically make in profit on a gallon of gas, and how much does the federal govt make on that same gallon? How much did the oil comany spend to make their money and what did the federal govt do to deserve any profit at all? WE HAVE TO STOP SPENDING NOW! WE DO NOT NEED VIDEO OF WHAT KIDS DO NOT EAT AT SCHOOL! WE DO NOT NEED COWBOY POETS! ETC WHY DO YOU LOVE TYRANNY?

    • GE makes 14 billion and pays no taxes last quarter. Let's start there. It might be tough as Immelt is buddies with Obama and the gang but let's start there.

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      • And I've read that Exxon-Mobil made $25 billion in profits and paid no taxes, either. Why not start there?

        But we can't start with Exxon-Mobil or GE. The constitution doesn't allow any bill or law to be passed that is aimed at a single individual or company. Whatever change we make in tax or other laws must apply to all equally.

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