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  • langosta_fla langosta_fla May 29, 2011 11:45 PM Flag

    It's nice to be 53


    Old enough to be reasonably certain of receiving Social Security and Medicare while not being personally impacted by the tax increases that will be needed to pay for it.

    If I were young buck I'd probably be mad as hell at watching my taxes be increased to pay for a program that'll probably be defunct before I collect what I paid into it.

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    • The idiot potus barry, has done NOTHING to be remembered on Memorial day. He couldn't even get the date right when he signed the Westminister Abbey book, 2008. How can you even remotely equate the marxist American hater to memorial day? This day is to remember those who have sacrificed for this Country with their service, not those who read the words they were forced to off some teleprompter.

    • It's Memorial Day, don't you know better than to call our president names? ("Barry"???)

    • gwb was the best president for america.

    • You are the one who makes taco jokes and hates Hispanics....I guess that's OK since it is your hate that is justified. Oh well...

    • Why? Were you mad as hell when the social security and Medicare taxes was raised from 6.13% (for both employee and employer) to 6.65% in 1981? Or when it was raised from 6.65% to 6.70% in 1982? Or raised from 6.70% to 7.00% in 1984? Or raised form 7.00% to 7.05% in 1985? Or raised form 7.05% to 7.15% 1986? Or raised form 7.15% to 7.51% in 1988? Or raised from 7.51% to 7.65% in 1990?

      They have not been increased again since 1990, although seniors now live longer than they did in 1990, and health care costs have also increased tremendously.

      Who was it who decided in 1990 that we didn't need to pay for our own care any more, but that we could borrow it all instead? Reagan appears to have been the last of our presidents who though that we needed to pay for our care (although perhaps not for other things like star wars).

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      • Yeah, VT, I owned my own business starting in 1991 and paid both sides of Social Security and Medicare. So, yes, it really annoyed the hell out of me in my 30's to be paying 15% of my gross to pay for other people's old age.

        Now that I'm in my 50's it doesn't bother me so much. I can see that these programs have helped seniors who got roughed up financially in the 2000's recessions to maintain their independence. So I don't go around raving against these programs like I used to.

        Also in my working life they've raised the age to collect full Social Security benefits from 65 to 67. It is now on the way to being raised to 68 and probably then to 70. Means testing is also probably not too far off.

        The constancy of reducing the benefit by raising the retirement age while increasing the contribution would annoy the living bejeesus out of me if I were in my 30's running a fulltime business again.

    • Do not bother to post springy, nobody is there to listen to your crap.

    • A racist like you calling others "racist? Vic, isn't that the classical definition of a HYPOCRITE? You are you trying to fool? It is obvious that you and springy assume that I am Asian and that “justifies” your continuous assault on me. I am not Asian, but what difference that it makes? You had your opportunity to unleash your racist believes on this board; be ashamed of yourself. To be ashamed is perhaps what a racist can’t do because it requires some moral uprightness, something he does not possess.

    • None in your racist little brain either.

    • You are not only stupid springy, but also shameless. An ugly combination, really.

    • Springy, your post proves my assertion. You are a sad person, in more than a way.

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