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  • flytop32 flytop32 Jun 12, 2011 5:09 PM Flag

    HP - bad place to work?

    Who would want to work for a company that only grows by taking over other companies and then cutting at the newly obtained employees? The new HP phone is already selling for $1. The HP tablet still is not on the market yet. What is going on there, and why would anyone want to work for them?

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    • You guys could always go to work for Walmart and be part of the Walmart team. :)

    • The USA is now, for the most part, essentially just a great big Amusement and Idle Time Industry factory, in one way or another! The obvious goal of most of our people is La La Land forever.

    • Spring,

      Loyalty is a two way street. Hurd expected it to be a one way street with all the Brink's trucks headed his way.

    • What shall we do next?

      I think there is not much that we, in a global economy, can do.

      There will be 'made up' jobs like event planner(something you would normally do yourself) and implementer, etc. But we will become another Japan or Great Britian, in the dolgrums/stagnant for a long time.

    • It is unfortunate but true. The company I worked for prior to retirement was the same. Get rid of the older work force + bring in the new. A friend had a retirement party + there were 6 names on the list of people I didn't know, new hires, + that was in 6 months! The younger group has zero loyalty + expectations are the avg worker will work at 12 companies in their career. I worked for mine for 33 years, that doesn't happen anymore. Pensions are all but a thing of the past, unless you're a gov worker or teacher. We get to pay for their pensions with our taxes.

      I don't blame the young for job hopping as their is no loyalty from companies to their employee's either, but their work ethic is terrible. Add to the fact that the majority think they know everything + try to implement the same things we tried + never worked so the company spends more money doing the same old things.

    • > These jobs are gone forever and they are never coming back.

      I'm not sure exactly which jobs you are talking about. Maybe farm jobs? A century and a half ago about 80% of us worked on a farm to feed ourselves and our nation. Now, less than 2% of us work on farms to feed the the entire nation, while providing additional food for export.

      Or maybe factory manufacturing jobs? A half century ago more than half of us worked in a factory making stuff that we needed. But just like on the farm where we built tools to increase productivity, we've done the same in the factory. Now, only about 8% of us are needed to make everything we need - and that number continues to drop. It takes just a few hours of labor to make a car now, while it took hundreds of hours of labor to build a car a century ago.

      So where are we going to work now? Companies like Google and Facebook don't seem to have any of the problems that you list. And they are growing by leaps and bounds. Where else will we work? We don't need any more food or cars, or computers. Les than 10% of the population (nationwide and worldwide) can build and grow everything that we need.

      What shall we do next?

    • Yes

      "Absolutely agree. Almost all Hp employees would leave for another company if offered a job with equal or better compensation. The company has known that for the last few years and done nothing to correct it "

      HP wants the employees to leave. This is not done by accident. It is planned and all companies are making jobs miserable, because they want YOU to leave. Especially the older people with higher pay and more vacation.

      This has been going on for a long time. I do know and talked to , 2 big time execs, years ago. i am not their best friend, but our paths crossed and i worked around one of them about 10 years.

      The companies are tired of taxes. The pay about 15 % to social security for every dollar you make. They pay you share. They pay income taxes, property taxes, they get sued by employees over discrimination, they get sued by customers over products. They spend billions on regulations, social engineering, on and on. The companies are attacked by everyone and they are tired/done with dealing with it. They are tired of dealing with unions, strikes, politicians, etc.

      Even if they have these problems overseas, they are much less costly. And a few jobs in silicon valley is not going to make a difference, in helping the usa

      These jobs are gone forever and they are never coming back. I am sorry to say and inform you of this.

      Also the work ethic is not ingrained in the American worker anymore. Especially, with MOST Young people. They are into play 1st, work last.

    • Do mostly routine jobs require much, if any, employee 'loyalty'? Is this 'employee loyalty' stuff just a myth?

    • Spring,

      >> I believe the number was far greater than you indicate.<<

      I think I included everyone - those given offers have left, and those left would leave given an offer. Is that clearer?

    • Whata,

      Spring was too inclusive.

      "Almost all Hp employees would leave for another company if offered a job with equal or better compensation."

      could be better stated:

      "The better HP employees have and are leaving for the competition and the rest would follow given an offer."

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