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  • esadmfs esadmfs Jul 19, 2011 7:45 PM Flag

    Sell the nations assets to pay the debts that's all!!

    You don't want a tax increase and you don't want entitlement cuts then just start selling the nations assets like Greece.

    Sell the presidents Air Force One jet and the presidents Marine One Chopper. Sell the White House, the Congress, and the Pentagon building. Let 'em all work out of the ol' Ted Klusinsky (sp?) cabin

    I'll bet we can get a few bucks for all those monuments and statues of heroic symbolism sprinkled around the country.

    Sell that meaningless junk since what most of it represents is being made a mockery of today anyway.

    Sell the SPR oil reserve and some of the natural resources like our parks and forest to China so that they may put up toxic work camps to manufacturer USA knockoffs right inside the country while on H1-B student visas.

    We could sell the water rights to some of the great lakes. Sell the apple orchards in Michigan, the corn fields in Indiana, the wine groves in California. The oak forest out west or a beach or two in Fla.

    No big deal. Just sell it.

    What do we need 50 states for anyways? The people here are unwilling or unable to create work for the people in all those states and they are going to just sit around and compete with the welfare that we hand out to the corporations.

    We sell a state or two and we cut the number of senators and representatives in Washington that we can no longer afford to represent us. They're doing a pizzpour job of it anyway.

    Let's just give China one or more states so they can set up colonial rule here and call it even.

    Then no-one has to take a tax cut and no-one has to take an entitlement cut until we rack up another $14.5 trillion dollars in debt right?

    Whatdaya say?

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