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  • langosta_fla langosta_fla Dec 7, 2011 2:08 PM Flag

    Rush report

    I had to do "playground duty" today (yelling at other people's kids when they run amok) so I didn't get to hear all of Rush's show. When I got back in he was talking to this lady who was speaking in a French accent. She said she was a Haitian who hand immigrated to Florida to better herself over what she had back in Haiti. She runs a small business of some kind and wanted to know why Obama is so much against business.

    Rush told her that Obama feels guilty that the United States is so much better off than the rest of the world and that he will not rest until he makes the United States equal to Haiti by making us just as poor. The lady from Haiti said she hoped that wouldn't happen because she is a lot better off here than she was back home. Rush told her to vote R-e-p-u-b-l-i-c-a-n in 2012 and the United States will recover its fortunes.

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    • lang,

      Thanks for reminder me that the fringe lunatics are still populating the airwave. Thought I had heard all the wingnut diatribes. This is a new one, that is our POTUS will not rest until he makes USA as poor as Haiti.

      Too weird and sad.

    • Springy. The old HP business model is beautiful, and it is about profit, but not about needless greed at the expense of the hard working and loyal employee.

    • ric posts >Liberals it seems want a perfect utopia and everyone equal. while conservatives know better than to think that can ever be acheived.

      REALLY ... u need to read and understand about the great country u live in

      > We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union ....

      thats the sentiment of hope and a commitment to achievement ... TO FORM A MORE PERFECT UNION ... a statement of what is hoped to be, not what is ... progressive collectivism

      while conservatives are sitting on the sidelines, watching, bi-tching and complaining ... progressives keep inventing the future

      not equality but opportunity ... equal opportunity ... those that have can afford and should be willing to lend a helping hand without malice and discontent

      a 2012 campaign issue

    • What's comical is everyone is being played by the 1% of the 1%. The upper ruling echelon has the game rigged and there is nothing you can do about it. They let the politicians run around and tell you that they will take from one guy to give to you and guess what they won't let it happen when it comes down to it taking from their money and power. OWS isn't smart enough to figure out they are mad at the wrong people. The Tea Party is delusional to think voting in conservative candidates will change a thing.

    • The OWS protests are sort of chaotic, I agree, they be a symbol of some people hurt in this economy. I do not see the Tea Party having any solid political platform either; their stand on paying off our national debt will take 20-30 years if we'll work very hard on it.

      You perhaps worked at old HP before Fiorina, and know that a company can have employee friendly policies and also be hugely successful. The old HP would be an awesome model to our new economy, so I have my wishes as well.

    • zsociopath babbles "ric u made a statement, i asked a question which u didnt answer so lets try again"

      I've asked you a lot of questions but you are too afraid to ever answer. Why should ric bother to answer a sorry a/r/s/e/h/o/l/e like you?

    • Indeed...the old HP was the model. Ever since HP was taken over by the corporate hired hacks it's been all about them and screw the employees.

    • The Real story is King George lowered taxes for the East India Trading Company tea (a monopoly corporation). This made it harder for American small businesses and tea smugglers to compete. East India Tea was cheaper so the American Patriots revolted.

    • ric u made a statement, i asked a question which u didnt answer so lets try again
      ric posts >One, allow the 2002/2003 tax cuts for the rich portion to expire.
      You don't raise taxes on anyone during a recession.
      REALLY ... what makes that an ABSOLUTE TRUTH???

      so once again what makes >You don't raise taxes on anyone during a recession an ABSOLUTE TRUTH???

    • >>> I stand a lot better chance of being one of the have's in a capitalistic and free enterprise system than a socialist communist one.

      You have good points, but I need to clarify a few things.

      Capitalism - it is, without doubt, an economical system and not a social one.

      The government has the duty to observe all the "people", while corporations have duties to their shareholders only. Therefore the government and corporations can't have identical role.

      The government sets up the rules of a "free enterprise" system, in which the people and the corporations live in harmony. If a corporation provides wealth to the shareholders and harms the rest of the "people" the government must step in and rectify things.

      Nobody in the right mind wants socialism in the US, but also nobody wants that the corporations who steals from the "poor" and gives to the "rich"/the shareholders. (inverse Robin Hood style)

      Even people are so worried about communism/socialism on this board, nazism/fascism/bigotry/intolerance are more dangerous to our way of life. Even the COMMUNIST China dumped their old way of managing the economy, and now the have the second largest economy in the world. As they say: "it does not matter if the cat is black or white, as long as it catches mice it is a good cat!".

      Oh well,..

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